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> The US Federal Government's Lack of Action, New Orleans & The South USA
post Sep 3 05, 11:13
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Hi Nina,

Thanks for your comments too.

You are right, aside of the immediate humanitarian disaster this is a global problem with rising oil prices, which may knock-on to unemployment and poorer standards of living anywhere - UK included. This is not only an American problem.

Moreover, as I feel shamed by the US Federal Government's response - and listening to Lori's argument by the local and regional government responses too (thanks Lori), it is important that the United States' friends stand up for the people of the south against their incompetent rulers. It is best to do it now when pressure may just help speed responses up. So we're not just bashing to punish; we're bashing to change (the American people can punish later). It might be a tiny, useless effort but at least we're trying something.

Cheers, J.
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post Sep 3 05, 11:52
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Hi J, Lori

At the end of the day no matter how much you argue politics, the facts speak for themselves.  Five days after the hurricane those unable to evacuate are still suffering the most terrible deprivation and hardship.  They have been failed by local and national government policies.

As James' said we have to make a noise to effect change.  Heap on the pressure to make governments put better strategies in place else no lessons will have been learnt and this tragedy could happen again.

If Bush had wanted to move mountains to get aid to NO immediately he could easily have done it. He has the power to cut through beaurocracy but did he have the desire?  Perhaps it is not as lucrative as attacking Iraq.

Blair needs to look at his own strategies that are in place for an emergency of this scale so this situation never happens in UK.  Money needs to be put aside incase such an incident arises, rather than waste it abroad on pointless wars.

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post Sep 9 05, 12:34
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Hey, sorry so long to find my way here. Didn't know this discussion was in full swing. And a more appropriate place instead of in the forums, I suppose. I stated my views elsewhere before knowing this was here.  
  This disaster was, and is, a devastating event in the lives of so many. Recovery is going to take a long tome because most all these people who are going to have to rebuild are not wealthy. Just a hard working simple class of people. Without jobs it will be a struggle to survive and rebuild. I know this because I have family in 3 separate areas of Louisiana and know about their lives. They were fortunate to have all made it through safely by the grace of God. Some wind and flooding damages to a few of their homes, but at least they have homes and communities which are still standing. One of my families homes is standing , but it is so contaminated by flood waters with smells of sewer and other disgusting things, that they are uncertain if it will habitable again. Certainly, no time soon. They will be displaced for quite some time.
    I know the response of the relief efforts from the federal government seemed slow in coming. It always is slow to respond due to what we term as red tape. They have to evaluate the scope of the disaster and it's destruction, co-ordinate agencies and supplies, get the funding, and then make decisions as to who and where the aid is most critically needed, and finally find ways and means to get it there. This is a process that takes a little time. I don't think anyone could have totally foreseen the magnitude of devastation coming.....too many variables. The problems were immediate because there were virtually no local usable resources left. No home emergency kit or supplies gonna help you now, either. Law officials in the area had damaged communications, lack of coordination, loss of available resources and too big a job to do.....plus many of them were in shock themselves. And who could have foreseen the lawlessness and corrupt behavior  by their fellow residents? When did we become so de-sensitized that we loot, burn, murder, rape and terrorize our fellow
residents when they are already traumatized and in shock? Whispers of Satan.
     I, however do not hold the federal government to blame. They are trying to help. They cannot and should not have to do it alone. They need our united support. That is why I am glad to see private citizens have become involved with co-ordinating their own relief efforts, donating money and supplies, and volunteering time and resources. Even opening up their own homes to suffering families. This is what we should be doing. We then become God's instruments in combating the evil whispers of Satan. Also happy to see many of our allied nations offering us a helping hand. How our enemies are loving this disaster and the fact that we are blaming the government. They are celebrating our dissention and taking note of our weakness and chaos. I worry that they may plan another major attack whike we are in chaos and fighting amongst ourselves. The media just keeps adding fuel to the flame. Anti- Bushers are having a field day attacking his administration. Get real , folks.....no government is perfect and no president is infallible....we all just struggle to do the best we can. Remember the " He who is without sin, cast the first stone " verse. The bible even tells us to to respect and help our leaders.
I was proud of the Louisiana man who had lost everything and was wandering the streets trying to help other victims. When interviewed he stood up and defended God and country. Love that spirit !
      Now we have scam artists trying to pass themselves off as legitimate relief organizations to fool the public into giving money to filter into their own pockets. Will the evil never end? Be careful what organizations you donate to. Make sure they are legitimate.
     Now, I've had my say. My opinion probably differs from a lot of you, and that's o.k. ~smile~ God did give us our own free will, did he not? I applaud our differences and respect your views. Hope you can do the same for me. May we all have love and peace in our future. God bless this nation , and may we continue to pray for her citizens.
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post Sep 22 05, 15:04
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I defer to Cleo_Serapis's extensive reply to Jox. Her post date was Sep 03, 2005.

I watched the horrifying delay on hospital room television. Every major city is guilty of putting off until tomorrow what needs to be done today.  The Gulf coast annually has severe hurricanes and resulting tornadoes.  What is another warning?  New Orleans had a recent disaster practice and review within weeks of Katrina hitting the oft predicted but unexpected bulls-eye.  

The emensity was overwhelmimg.  Each state has a national guard, which each governor may call into action for civil control and service.  I suspect the Louisiana state national guard was a drop in the bucket.  
Civil institiutions such as Salvation Army and Red Cross respond as quickly as any, but the Red Cross, for example, was caught at low ebb and need time to collect manpower and supplies.
Our recent HomeLandSecurity realignment, which is supposed to be more efficient than past higgly piggly authorities with overlapping responsibilities just isn't efficient.  Large has a price.  Multiple bureacracies have a price.
The political fallout after such a disaster is like the sword of Damocles. Anyone with a political wit of sense is going to sidestep as much as possible and move extra cautiously. Rephrase this as DELAY.

Evacuation has evolved into responsiblity of each resident.  They can stay if they choose, but beware.  Note when Rita approached Florida Keys the order was "everyone out of the pool."  Of course, we have been sensitised to what mass evacuations require and I am certain the population of the Keys is zip compared to flooded New Orleans.  I am certain most citizens of the Big Easy couldn't have left for lack of anywhere to go. Many did not know direction to get out of town. Poverty has a price.

The local police began resigning shortly after finding they could not stay civil disorder and were targets themselves.  When helicopters arrived with minimal help the first order was to stop because they were being shot at.  

I was appalled that the federal judicial branch was in charge because their first order of business was civil order, then saving lives.  I am certain the days and hours of delay sacrificed too many.  

Though the sword of Damocles is falling on those in office, I doubt anyone could have done much better because we are a nation of gamblers.  Maintaining infrastructure on a maybe...are you kidding?  Let the next guy worry about it.

I'll bet even money the rotten levee system will only be patched and Katrina will quickly fade into record books.

Which city next...spin the wheel...which city next?

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post Sep 22 05, 20:28
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I hate to think or say this Don...

but I think Rita turned and is heading towards NO..

OMG! What next?

This is un-speakably horrid.


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post Sep 23 05, 10:27
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Good morning Lori,

I just updated Rita report.  New Orleans is expected to get 6 inches of rainfall.  The projected center of the confidence band cornucopia shape is landfall at Galveston.  Fortunately the strength has dropped to category 4.

The whole coastal strip is in for terrible times regardless of where the dot strikes land.  

Best news is we are probably as prepared as can be expected.  Delays and finger pointing should be minimal.

For the Grace of God go we.

I vaguely remember driving at night along the Texas coast from Corpus Christi to New Orleans, stopping overnight at Galvestonat about midnight. I just missed a terrible storm (no hurricane) that summer of 1954, which made the barrier islands looks like wasteland.  A  spooky drive alone at night. The long  bridge to New Orleans was crippled, so I headed back north short of that destintation

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post Sep 13 08, 17:01
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I know this reply is way out of date, three years at least, and has NO recovered from Katrina, no I don't think so, they still have people living in FEMA trailers those that aren't just setting empty. How much of the money that noble citizens of the US actually made it to the hands of those that needed it? How much of it lined the pockets of those in charge? I read and heard so many stories both good and bad, but the bad just seems to out weigh the good. I heard that peopl shipped to the Texas drome were getting off the busses demanding soda(pop) and McDonalds, and were disgusted when given cold meat sandwhiches... I heard that families were given credit cards bought with relief money went and had shopping jags a malls... I heard that people stood in line twice and filled out forms with false names just to get those credit cards; and nobody checked on them. Don't even get me started on the politics of the situation, let me just say that I feel ashamed of my government. If you follow the news you will see that another two hurricanes have just hit in roughly the same areas... but I stopped following the news, because I get too upset over the stupidity of American people... I think just maybe they have voted for the gov they want... I know I don't want it, and be damned if I can figure out who the lesser of two evils are in the up coming election.
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