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> Pandora Winners 2004 , Congratulations all!
post May 16 04, 08:14
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H E L L O!  sun.gif

This tile is a summary of all our Pandora Winners for challenges presented in 2004.  Wizard.gif

C O N G R A T S to all! You've added 'tiles of style' to our Mosaic in such colorful style and we all salute you! Artist.gif  cheer.gif  sings.gif  dance.gif

Chaos Award

*Graphic provided by
Celtic Castle Designs

1st JANUARY 2004
Cleo_Serapis ~ "Nurtured Gifts" for the topic: "My Favorite Gift" INCORPORATING her "gift" into something beyond a material gain. For example, a gift of a new book is also a gain of 'knowledge', which is beyond the material cost and gift of the book itself and a minimum of 12 lines.

2nd JANUARY 2004
Charon ~ "Afloat"
blondie ~ "Her Finishing Touch" for the topic: "Message in a Bottle" in a minimum 8 line response.

1st FEBRUARY 2004
Zeus² ~ "Win Some, Lose Some"  for the Topic: "The Lottery Give-away" in a minimum 8 line response.

2nd FEBRUARY 2004
Charon ~ "Silence Calls" for the topic: "Shrouded Echoes" in a maximum 8 line response.

LadyoftheLake and Zeus² ~ "Divided Diversion at High Noon" for the topic: "Who are We?" OR "Starlight Serenade" (Duet choice).

1st MARCH 2004
Pandora ~ "Weathered"
Aphrodite ~ "Streaks of Blue" for the topic: "On Being a Color" Become a color. Choose a color and bring it to life as yourself. Use this color to describe who you are, how you feel and those aspects of yourself that others might not readily see, in a minimum 8 line response.

2nd MARCH 2004
LadyEvergreen865 ~ "Lavender Dreams" for the topic: An image challenge response to "The Way Home" painting by Jim Warren.
INCORPORATING at least three of these words: sparkling, lavender, shimmering, wayward, trodden, elderly, chimerical, discerning, Spring.

1st APRIL 2004
Ephiny ~ "Eve" for the topic: a response based upon your first impression of the following two poems: "With a Spray of Apple Blossoms" by Walter Lerned AND "The Poet's Calendar (April stanza)" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and personifying the response.

2nd APRIL 2004
LadyEvergreen865 ~ "Winter Moon/Silent Harp" for the topic: a response based upon your favorite fairytale or nursery rhyme in a poem or short story that stumps the reader.

1st MAY 2004
Cleo_Serapis ~ "The Reckoning" for the topic: a response incorporating 'snippets' from the short story: "The Five Boons of Life" by Mark Twain.

ALT MAY 2004
JLY ~ "Looking Back As We Venture Forward" for the topic: an image response to 'Stairway' incorporating one of four phrases.

2nd MAY 2004
Zeus² ~ "People"
Tao ~ "Pickled" for the topic: a poetic or short story response to "Mixed Metaphors" incorporating at least 4 from a given list.

1st JUNE 2004
Zeus² ~ "Lunar Myth or Truth" for the topic: create a continued response based on the first three stanzas in the poem, "Moonlight" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

2nd JUNE 2004
Just Daniel ~ "4th of July at an Iraqi Laundromat" for the topic: You are a hot dog on a plate in a Laundromat. You must be creative (keep it clean please) in your response. Utilize the surroundings you see and hear.

1st JULY 2004
Zeus² ~ "The Other Side Of Me"
Aphrodite ~ "Sunset's Awakening" for the topic: Are you synonymous with your avatar? Here’s your chance to tell us what intrigues you about your MM avatar! You must incorporate the following three words within your response, disingenuous, flatter and revealing AND you must write a PROSE piece or short story that has a maximum of 300 words.

2nd JULY 2004
Cleo_Serapis ~ "2054: The Human Element" for the topic: What lies ahead 50 years in the future? Here’s your chance to tell us what you believe our lives will be like in the year 2054! Thanks to I. Asimov and his "I, Robot" novel and the movie "Bi-centennial Man" for the idea! You must incorporate the following three phrases within your response: robotic times, holographic images and peace-giving.

1st AUGUST 2004
Tao ~ "Directions" for the topic: An image challenge to our own MM postcard: Wayward Paths! Incorporate one of three phrases: In the chalice of providence the veins shatter, In the circus of scrutiny the crickets watch, In the hovel of paradox the ferns gaze, in your response.

2nd AUGUST 2004
Ephiny ~ "Special" for the topic: An Olympic challenge: Do you  feel you excel in a particular sport? Write a fantasy about your rise and fall as a legend (in your own mind), and incorporate one of these phrases in your response: "It's not if you win or lose", "Winning isn't everything", "I learned a valuable lesson".

1st SEPTEMBER 2004
Cybele ~ "Drombeg Collection" for the topic: An Image challenge to the "Drombeg" image brought to us by Greg Gawlowski with permission, and incorporate either a Cinquain, Mirror Cinquain, Haiku, Tetractys or Double Tetractys as your response.

2nd SEPTEMBER 2004
Tao ~ Sisterhood of Thirteen for the topic: An Image challenge to the "Drombeg" image brought to us by Greg Gawlowski with permission, and create either a newspaper article, diary entry, eulogy or short story as your response. Your entries must not exceed 2500 words.

1st OCTOBER 2004
Ephiny ~ The Day of the Dead
Aphrodite ~ Vexing Moon for the topic: Create a response to the "Origins of Halloween/All Hallows Eve". Are you a spirit, pumpkin, costumer, or Druid Priest in the time of the Samhain? Why are you here? Incorporate at least THREE words from given list.

2nd OCTOBER 2004
Cleo_Serapis ~ A Sculptor True for the topic: Create a response incorporating ten specific words from the following poem, "Ozymandias" by Percy Bysshe Shelley.

AMETHYST ~ The Traditional Turkey for the topic: Create a response to the Thanksgiving tradition. It's time to stuff the turkey; however - Stuffing with your old familiar ingredients would certainly go bad so you've got to write a poem or prose entry that describes stuffing your turkey with something other than stuffing that is non-edible.

December 2004
Cleo_Serapis ~ This One Thing for the topic: Adoration of the Magi: Three Wise Kings. what "gifts" you would ask of the Magi?


"It's a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step into the Road, and if you don't keep your feet, there is no knowing where you might be swept off to." ~ J.R.R Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings

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"I believe it is the act of remembrance, long after our bones have turned to dust, to be the true essence of an afterlife." ~ Lorraine M. Kanter

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