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Rhymer @ 09-22-20 11:00
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Rhymer @ 09-18-20 15:57
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Our Choice!
Posted by Rhymer - 09-22-20 11:00 - 0 comments
Hi Denis, your poem is in Hermes' Homilies, where rhyming forms are posted. You'll find it after Introduction or About Me, at the top of this website. All the best, Sylvia
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Poles Apart.
Posted by Rhymer - 09-18-20 15:57 - 4 comments
Poles Apart.

I’m positive I met a man the other day,
One clearly negative in every way.
As I could tell right from the start.
The two of us were really poles apart.

When first we connected via the Internet,
I cabled him to visit and so we met,
It proved to be a really poor connection,
For sparks flew in every known direction!

With my every argument negated
He failed to be positively motivated
I immediately fulminated! Blew a fuse!
That brought short his verbal abuse,

As this activated an under current
Which alternated with a direct deterrent,
I switched tactics to plug his flow;
Transformed his power trip from fast to slow

Being shocked by his constant negativity
With every reasoned argument of relativity
Wasted, I tried to ensure I was insulated,
Taking the line he was not positively motivated.

Since having conducted an ‘on-line’ survey
Of how matters came to be this way,
It was found contradictory polarity
Provided grounds to arrive at our disparity

As we’d broken our recent live connection
I wired him with a suggested positive correction.
That should he remain so negatively down to earth?
In Life, I’m positive, he’d generate little worth.

September 18th, 2020

Composed earlier after an angry confrontation with an angry neighbour. Denis

Read 91 times - last comment by Psyche   

Posted by JustDaniel - 08-18-20 04:37 - 1 comments

She's influenced the style of my verse
often epigrammatic and terse.
Nineteenth century poet of note
hardly published a thing that she wrote.

Amherst, Mass... 1830 she came
I get courage myself from her pen.
As I've splashed in her ink now and then
I've deLighted myself in the rain.

Brother Austin, Lavinia too...
how their bond with young Emily grew
Sisters both stayed at home all their life
and next-door Austin moved with his wife.

So austere in their Calvinist home
but from Dickinson-faith she would roam
yet a transcendent One would remain
at the heart of her soul's broad terrain.

She began writing verse in her teens;
all we have are sweet shared in-betweens
innovative, exuberant notes
of affection to friends. How she dotes.

Humor, anecdote, somber reflection
with inventiveness for their inspection.
Correspondents would not give her back
near as much as she gave; ‘twas a lack.

Then her poetry-friends introduced
Barrett Browning, whose "..Vision…" induced *1
her distinction, bloomed female ambition
maturing her own intuition.

Our fastidious writer withdrew
from most social engagements and grew
reticent when religious revival
pressured her more inside for survival.

Her love-interest secret, called “Master”
many letters, but quiet disaster.
Not succumbing to anguish, “The zeroes
taught us phosphorus.” She joins our heroes.

Forty booklets she gathered, by hand
sewn together and bundled, unplanned.
Death by stroke... they were found ‘neath her bed
or we’d not know what churned in her head.

“I’m Nobody! Who are you?” she wrote;
“Are you—Nobody—too?” ends the quote. *2
All her loneliness words touch the masses
even more as poetic time passes.

Daniel's Personal Post Script:

Marshall Lee was my Dad’s name you see,
and my Mother would oft scream at me
“When your Dad’s home, you will get the dickens!"
… did, and kept it, so now the plot thickens:

Simmered Dad’s name and dickens” in stew:
I became M Lee Dickens’ son too!

© MLee Dickens’son 2020
Daniel J Ricketts

*1 https://genius.com/Elizabeth-barrett-browni...poets-annotated

*2 https://poets.org/poem/im-nobody-who-are-you-260
Read 2,326 times - last comment by Psyche   

morning after
Posted by JustDaniel - 08-18-20 04:05 - 0 comments
morning after

this morning
remembering the end
of that tactless
corrosive exchange
in the heat
of the night

box of desire
opened brighter
by our frenzy
spilled onto bear rug
fronting fireplace
igniting a fire
turned to ash

a pear
its moisture
sucked dry
and at daybreak
all that's left
of our encounter

words are all
we offer
as we disappear
into the dawn

© MLee Dickens’son 2020
Daniel J Ricketts

Prompt: Begin each stanza with these lines:
a pear, its moisture sucked dry and
box of desire opened brighter by
words are all we offer as
this morning, remembering the end

for poetdee's https://allpoetry.com/contest/2755074-Four-...our-Stanza-Poem
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