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Thank you for posting your work in one of our exhibition-only forums. These areas exist to help members hone their writing skills and foster feedback. Works are posted, then readers offer feedback. Since such detailed comments may require considerable time and effort, it is both polite and good practice to respond, fully, to all comments received. Also, in the spirit of the forum, one is expected to comment on others' works.

*Each member may post a new work every two days (no more than that, please) providing they then post two comments to others' works in the same forum. The 1:2:2 rule applies here. You may post (1) work every (2) days when (2) comments to other's works have been given within the same forum. An easy way of remembering the posting limit is not to post more often than every other day (as long as the required critiques have been given). Post today, not tomorrow. You may post one new topic every two days provided you comment on the works of two fellow members (within the same forum).

Please note: Each forum is independent and has its own participation rules. Therefore, you may simultaneously post in all of them should you wish, then wait a day and repeat (as long as the required critiques have been given).

Please do not include your own composition as part of a response to a tile posted by someone else for comment UNLESS it it clearly for ILLUSTRATIVE purposes and relevant to the original thread. Each composition deserves our full and individual attention. Please keep in mind that the topic starter may ask for its removal, (politely of course).

In an effort to easily identify the theme within a topic, we would like to recommend the use of ONE emoticon, as your Post Icon. While it is by no means mandatory, we believe this symbolistic approach will benefit our readers and critiquers. We hope the use of these symbols will make it simpler for our readers to identify topic themes and content. You will see the symbols in View New Posts as well as the forum display and the topics. I've put the symbols in alphabetical order below.

Adult Audience



In Memorium



Tender Care



Young Audience

*Members who post to this forum retain their copyright but give a non-exclusive license to others to comment on and quote from any message they post. They also give the forum owner the right to archive or approve the archiving of messages. **All other uses of messages posted to this forum requires permission of their authors.

**This is a private forum. Any copying of a posting in this forum is strictly prohibited.

Posts to this forum must adhere to the Terms of Use statement located in the Site Information forum.

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