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Posted by: Psyche Dec 18 19, 12:43

Hi Jerry, I hope you're back from the hospital and spinal tap was succesful and comforting. Also the tests. Bad luck about the cataracts. I suppose there's no way to fix that?
I'll take a look at the poem later on. I'm going out for a walk and shopping. Always Christmas presents to be purchased.A lot!
My grandson and his girl will be arriving Monday week. Fortunately, they'll stay at a friends house, so we'll see them and have fun whenever everybody pleases.
I don't know whether I told you that two of my young sons died. The youngest of ALS, aged 29 years. The other of Schizophrenia, he had visions and voices that told him he was a bad person and deserved to die. He committed suicide aged 21 years. Those were horrible times, especially as I was also having a bad time with my first husband, whom I later divorced after 25 years together. He was a psychopath and I married him at 19 and he was 33. I was highly innocent and stupid.
Fortunately, at 45 I married a second time to a physician. He was a clinician as well as a psychologist. He also spoke excellent English just thru' watching foreign movies. He was of Italian and Swiss ancestry. We got along very well but he had 3 major heart surgeries and after the last one, with 5 hours anaesthetic, he came out with manic dementia. With medications he calmed down, but after 7 years I had to put him in a geriatric home. That was because I came down with Fibromyalgia, which is a very painful condition of all one's muscles.
Over the years I became vegetarian, which has had contributed to far better health and less pain of the Fibromyalgia. Not a magic potion, nor instant, but I suggest it to whoever has health troubles.
Argentina has always had free health and education for everybody, even neighbouring countries, or anybody from abroad. I do hope this new government puts a stop to such generosity, especially as all countries charge us a lot. I have insurance for travelling, but it may not cover everything. We should only offer free services to our own citizens, and maybe on a scaling system. Let the rich pay when they use the state services.
Geez, I've written too much. Hope you feel better for the festivities. Greetings to Lynda and all your family. xmaswindow.gif GroupHug.gif

PS: Everybody can now read messages. I have no problem with that, but otherwise you'd have to give me your e.mail. Mine is Bye and sorry about this, I don't know, but I tried 3 times with PM's.

Posted by: JustDaniel Dec 27 19, 13:02

I'd suggest you copy this post and send it as a message directly to Jerry, my friend, or it will never be read. Then you can delete this post!

Posted by: Psyche Jan 9 20, 08:35

QUOTE (JustDaniel @ Dec 27 19, 15:02 ) *
I'd suggest you copy this post and send it as a message directly to Jerry, my friend, or it will never be read. Then you can delete this post!

OK, Daniel, you're right. I already e.mailed him, but must check out whether I've said all this stuff already. Thanks a lot.

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