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Hello and thank you for reading this announcement.

Mosaic Musings (MM) is a writers' workshop (membership site) for those seeking genuine commentary and criticism on their works. Newcomers are very welcome. By offering friendly, yet thorough, critiques, we will support and encourage members to polish their work in a setting that is relaxed, fun and challenging.

No matter what stage you have reached in your writing, if you have the motivation, you will be heartily welcomed here at MM providing you:
(1) Have a desire to improve your writing and a willingness to help others improve theirs.
(2) Follow MM's simple rules - designed to make membership comfortable, respectful and beneficial.

Forum Participation Rules for our 'Introduce Yourself' forum:

Each forum at MM is independent and has its own participation rules. Therefore, you may simultaneously post in all of them should you wish, then wait a day and repeat (as long as the required critiques have been given). This particular forum however, is NOT a critique forum. It's purpose is to learn a bit about our newbies, their literary goals, level of critique they desire and what type of writer they are.

Mosaic Musings Posting Standard

Mosaic Musings is designed to meet a suitable standard for all ages. No dark, explicit, obscene or profane language-themed writings and/or implications thereof are allowed within the public forums. This includes writings on cutting, rape, murder, suicide, extreme abuse and the like.

If your post(s) contains any such material, then please email or PM one of our staff members (AMETHYST, Arnfinn, Cathy, Cleo_Serapis, Eisa, Imhotep, JLY) prior to posting and we will review and respond to your request for clarification.

That is not to say that any metaphorical or humorous aspects of a piece will be regarded as distasteful. We are well aware of the satirical associations of today and any reciprocals are the pivot on which the world has turned for a very long time. There is, however, a line between good taste and explicit writing which is readily recognizable.

Should a moderator read a piece that could be interpreted as falling within the above categories, we reserve the right to immediately move the post into a restricted forum, Mosaic Musings > Staff Only Forums > Works Under Review > Ra's Renderings where it will be discussed and a decision made as to whether the content is appropriate for Mosaic Musings. If the post is deemed inappropriate, it will be kept in the staff only forum. Otherwise, it will be returned to its original forum. Whatever the outcome, the author will be informed by PM. This in no way reflects on the author, rather it is intended to uphold the standards (and limitations) that Mosaic Musings has placed upon itself.

Mosaic Musings endeavors to become the most uplifting, educational and inspirational writing site to and for all ages and cultures of people. A visitor or member of MM, will be able to invite their relatives and friends to come, read, write, and enjoy our site. We stand unequivocal on this posting standard. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact a Moderator using our "The moderating team" link located near our board statistics information.

Fostering Feedback

Thank you for your interest in our diversified forums. These areas exist to help members hone their writing skills and foster feedback. Works are posted, then readers offer feedback and positive suggestions for improvement.

Since such detailed crits and/or comments require considerable time and effort, it is both polite and good practice to respond, fully, to all suggestions offered. Also, in the spirit of the forum, one is expected to offer helpful commentary on others' works and positive suggestions for improvement are always considered. Why not check back in on topics you've critiqued to see if the author has incorporated any of your own ideas or requests further feedback?

This interaction is an integral part of our continued growth and evolvement as confident and competent writers. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any of our staff: AMETHYST, Arnfinn, Cleo_Serapis, Eisa, Imhotep, JLY, Psyche


Mosaic Musings Staff

*Members who post to this forum retain their copyright but give a non-exclusive license to others to comment on and quote from any message they post. They also give the forum owner the right to archive or approve the archiving of messages.
**All other uses of messages posted to this forum requires permission of their authors.

Posts to this forum must adhere to the Terms of Use statement located in the Site Information forum.

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