Goblet Award

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CONGRATS to JustDaniel for receiving this Goblet Award (round 8) for a very toastable honor! dance.gif opera.gif cheer.gif cloud9.gif

You've demonstrated excellence in letting your imagination soar! bowdown.gif

The following pieces qualify for the Goblet Award: the posting of 10 new topics for critique in Herme's Homilies - our form poetry crit forum. sings.gif cheer.gif
  • The One, 11/28/06
  • Deep Wounds, 12/06/06
  • Call Me Mlee, 12/11/06
  • dead to writes, 12/15/06
  • "Sharing" Broadened, 12/17/06
  • ivory eve, 12/20/06
  • Awakened to Light, 12/24/06
  • Concrete Lizard, 12/30/06
  • Wait… Listen in Silence, 01/05/07
  • Grace Oh's Us Art, 01/08/07
You've made us proud Daniel! pharoah2.gif
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