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Full Version: Link to Metre Workshop
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Thought this might prove useful to members. The workshop is structured in bite-size pieces and includes example scansions. Link posted with Lori's consent,

Metre Workshop
Thanks Jim! teacher.gif

Perhaps we should post this also in Karnak Crossing - our poetic forms education forum and I can make it a sticky topic there. What do you think?

~Cleo cheer.gif
DEar BV,
Anyone who reads me knows I focus on rhythm and that I want my presentation to
sound as much like music as possible. I believe our ears are attuned to repetitiousness
and when the beats fall pleasureably on the ear, the message will be enhanced.
Jim in helping you has helped me and I'll be reading Jim's link tonite.
There is always another way to propose the same thought and generally it is easiest to do in iambs. If you lay out your pattern first, for instance: -/-/-/-/. My guess is words will feed into the form nicely for as Daniel has said, you seem to have a natural ability with metre.
Cheers, Ron jgd
Hi Jim,

I just checked the Lessons, I, II and III... Very instructive. Exactly as I was going to work it out on P911 and here at MM. A classroom, type of environment. I can see that is does work wonders for someone who really is looking to learn meter and stresses.

I think Lori's idea to post a link in Karnak is a GREAT idea... it will be available for anyone who is looking to sharpen their understanding at what ever level they are at for meter.

Thanks for offering this here. Much appreciated.

Hugs, Liz
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