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Full Version: Holiday Potpourri
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Hi all.  Snowflake.gif

This is a piece mused from the November Pandora challenge. I had to include two words - I chose simmered and whip in this one.

The params of this form;
Lines 1 and  8 ~ 3 syllables
Lines 2 and 7 ~ 6 syllables
Lines 3 and 6 ~ 9 syllables
Lines 4 and 5 ~ 12 syllables
Line 8  is the title and summarizes the meaning of the poem.
The rhyme scheme requirements: A A B B B C C C
Stanza layout can be either 3 2 3 or 3 3 2.

(Holiday) Potpourri

Scents entice;
simmered holiday spice
caramel, chocolate drizzled glaze

nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger: powdered-sugar craze
savory ciders, scintillating sweets amaze

dollops of fresh whipped-cream jubilee
mouth watering decree

Good morning Cleo,

I conclude that this form is your forte.  Thank you for wafting spices into the air for year end holidays.  

Don   chilly.gif
Hello Don. sun.gif

Thanks Don - you should stop into Karnak and Read.gif the lovely poems Liz has created for this form. Heavenly! cloud9.gif

Glad to have created your aroma-therapy for the day! angel.gif

Cleo chef.gif
Yes, yes, I agree that I must take time to read Liz's heavenly presentations in Karnak.

I also must force myself to try a couple.

Hi Cleo,
Once again, it was the sight of food that attracted me!   odie.gif  

I'm not totally house trained, but still, I'm on a baking spurt at the moment.  It was brought on after a colleague gave me all the apples off his tree - what to do with them in an apartment?  Tis enjoyable.

As to the form, there are a few relatives of this one I've done, but haven't really been bitten by them.  They do make a nice appearance on a page, however.  One can make a left-justified bullet first, center the diamond, and finish with a right-justified bottom.  If they are a sequential thing, it's most fascinating.  So many variables to play with.

Thanks for the tasty offering.

Such heavenly aromas!  That's one of the best things about
the holidays ... the smells wafting from the kitchen throughout
the house.  It's funny, everyone who comes through the front
door thinks they can guess what you're baking!  lol

Cathy blueorn.gif
Hey Cleo!  

Man, you are the poetess supreme!  All those big old terms!  Too early in the morning!  My only crit is that I can't have some of that popourri!  Sounds super scrumptious!!! All that yumminess into such a nice, disciplined form - man, you gots me beat by a mile!  The thought of any type of discipline makes me quake these days! LOL!  Highly enjoyable!  Flawless as far as my little eyeball can see.  Least ya coulda done is a typo or two!  (I'm still beating you there, though! NEENER! :p  )

Big Hugs,
Silly Ol' Me aka B.
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