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Full Version: JLY ~ Goblet Award (round 2)
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Goblet Award

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CONGRATS to JLY for receiving this Goblet Award (round 2) for a very toastable honor!  :dance:  :operagal:  :cheer:  :cloud9:

You've demonstrated excellence in letting your imagination soar! bowdown.gif

The following pieces qualify for the Goblet Award: the posting of 10 new topics for critique in Herme's Homilies - our form poetry crit forum.  :sings:  :cheer:
[*]I Still Love Her So, 10/18/2005
[*]Little Lady of Mine, 10/25/2005
[*]Dichotomy, 10/27/2005
[*]Soft and Gentle, 10/29/2005
[*]Bananas, 11/2/2005
[*]Velvet Rain, 11/4/2005
[*]Daring and Adventurous, 11/6/2005
[*]Exasperated, 11/8/2005
[*]Lip-Smacking Delight, 11/10/2005
[*]Turmoil and Unrest, 11/12/2005

You've made us proud John!  :pharoah2  :king2:
Mosaic Musings Staff  :knight:  :troy:  :pharoah:  :viking: :roman:  :tut:  :cali:  :vic:  :knight:

Hi John

Congratulations on your second goblet award, well done.

Hi John,

Splendidly well done.

Drinks for two?

All the best, J.
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