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Throughout this land the Spring is planned;
a groundhog calls the shot.
His shadow sees, we, he'll not please.
We'd hope that he would not.

For Phil predicts the weather mix
for six weeks further on.
Yes, he will bet, we've winter yet
if shadow's on the lawn.

The shadow missed, he'll shake a fist,
for winter's wrath's been raged.
His shadow seen, must simply mean
for six more weeks he's caged.

The world's immense and common sense
must limit Phil's control.
In nations far, what methods are?
Predict or just cajole?

Do others around the world celebrate quaint rites of Spring?
Hi Ron,

Now, I've heard of a groundhog, I'm sure I have - a type of rodent? But never a weather forecasting rodent called Phil. You starting to talk language I can understand - I must warn you.

Most amusing. We used to have a rat present children's tv, called Rowland but weather seems a whole different climate.

The English used to set-up a may-pole of village greens. It was basically a tree trunk with streamers attached from the top. The local maidens would each hold a streamer and dance round the maypole (very symbolic). After dancing a convoluted dance the streamers would all become tight - locked into the pole. The maidens then could not move without letting go of their streamer. They would then let go and run into the near-by woods in the direction their dance left them by the pole. Then the local lads would follow and the May fertility dance would start in earnest. Today we have clubbing.

Hey Ho, tempus fugit.

All the best, James.
Dear Jox,
Thank you for your comments.
Yesterday I read "Our Phil" at a convalarium and one person there had emigrated from the isles as a youth and asked me to find out if
that concept came from there. She'll greatly appreciate your comments and I hope others from other cultures comment too.
Cheers,     jgd
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