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Full Version: Member Choice NOMS for April, 2005
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vic.gif Calling all writers of the Mosaic! Viking.gif

What do I do as a member?
Simple. Post ONE thread that you'd like to nominate started in APRIL to be voted upon. Duplicate nominations accepted. We can only poll a max of 15 tiles, please nominate quickly.

sings.gif  :hsdance:  :musicband:  :dance:  :claps:

Nominate a tile here in this thread.

The details:
[*]Choose ONE post started you'd like to nominate from the month of APRIL. *You can do this by utilizing our 'sort by topic start date' function located at the bottom of each forum's page display and then look for the topic start date when making your nomination.  :detective:
[*]Make sure your nomination was started in the month of APRIL.
[*]State the tile's title, author and forum in your reply.
[*]Eligible forums:
Herme's Homilies, Seren's Synapse, Plato's Pearls of Wisdom, Angkor Wat Accolades, Stonehenge, Loch Ness & Mosaic Scrolls.
[*]HINT: Poems can be found in Herme's & Seren's starting on Page 4 when you sort the forums by TOPIC START DATE in DESCENDING order.

Nominations will be taken through September 3rd, 2005.

Good luck all! king.gif  :cheer:
Thank you for helping to build the Mosaic! lovie.gif  :dance:

Mosaic Musings Staff  :knight: cali.gif  :pharoah:  :viking:  :tut:  :troy:  :vic: :roman: knight.gif
I'd like to nominate Touching Lives by Nina in Seren's Synapse:;t=3932

Good luck! Hide.gif
Cleo rainbow.gif
Hi Lori

Thanks very much for this nomination.  Much appreciated.

I would like to nominate "Aging Gracefully" by Cybele in Herme's.;t=3930
Ohhh goodie Cathy!

I wantd to nominate that one too! hsdance.gif
Hi Lori

I'd like to nominate Woodland Blue Belle by James (Jox) posted in Seren's;t=3955
Thanks Nina! :)
BUMP hsdance.gif

Looking for more nominations please...

I'd like to nominate:

My Grandmother's Hands by Ephiny posted in Seren's;t=3986
Another excellent nomination John!

TY! cheer.gif

I'll nominate:

"Cryptic Chrysalis" by Lori in FreeForm

It's a sad poem, to be sure, but its use of language to evoke a certain mood and convey its meanings are haunting.

Hi Nina,

Sorry - I missed your kind nomination.

Thank you very much. I appreciate that.

Thank you so much John for the's an honour:)
Why thanks so much J! GroupHug.gif

This is a special piece to me, speaking of a hard time I went through (via metaphor of course). Your nomination is heart-felt.

~Cleo lovie.gif
Hi Lori,

You're welcome - it was good to re-read it.

I hope and think those times are behind you now - but your poem lives on.

Ok, We've got 5 nominations so far.  Thanks all! sun.gif

Today is the last day to cast your nominations if you should wish to participate.

I'll be posting the voting POLL tomorrow.

Dear Cleo,  :sun:

I think this is a wonderful poem to nominate for April. It's truly well-written, has rhyme and humour.

It was written by Larry and I found it in Mosaic Scrolls, after doing a lot of perusing in the various forums: (love your new navigation page, BTW);t=4223

Hope you agree, Lori !!   :)

Sylvia  :turtle:
Thanks to those who nominated pieces for the POLL.

I will be posting the POLL shortly -s o hope to see your vote over there too!  :cheer:

~Cleo  :sings:
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