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Full Version: Critiquer of the month for MARCH Noms
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vic.gif Calling all writers of the Mosaic! Viking.gif

The time has come to nominate a member who you feel best demonstrated the CRITIQUE in March.  :block:

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Nominate a member here by replying to this tile.

The award:
*Laurel Wreath

*Graphic provided by
Celtic Castle Designs

The details:
[*]Choose at least TWO posts critiqued by the member you'd like to nominate from the month of MARCH. *You can do this by utilizing our 'sort by topic start date OR last post date' and 'descending sort' functions located at the bottom of each forum's page display and then look to make sure the critique replies were made in February as well.  detective.gif
[*]Post the two examples in this thread.
[*]Post only the CRITIQUES.
[*]Make sure your examples are from the month of MARCH.
[*]State the tile's name, author and forum the critique was replied to.
[*]Eligible forums:
Herme's Homilies and Seren's Synapse for poetry COM nominations

Stonehenge and Loch Ness for Prose COM nominations

Nominations will be taken through July 26th, 2005.

Additional note: If more than one member is nominated for the COM award, this tile will serve as a balloting process. We will create a POLL and the members will vote the winner.

Good luck all! king.gif  cheer.gif
Thank you for helping to build the Mosaic! lovie.gif  dance.gif

Mosaic Musings Staff  knight.gif  Pharoah.gif cali.gif troy.gif  vic.gif :roman:  Viking.gif  tut.gif   knight.gif

Hi Lori

I'd like to nominate Fran (Toumai) for Critiquer of the month for March for her consistently very helpful, thoughtful and well considered crits.  

My two examples are;

Legacy by Nina in Seren's;t=3731

Sable Nights by Cathy (Larrysgirl5548) in Seren's;t=3786

Hi Lori, Nina,

Yup, I'll certainly back Fran's nomination.

Here are two insightful examples...

Fran's crit on my Maiden Over

Fran's crit of Esther's Dulce et Decorum est

These were pending but are here now).


Gosh, thanks Nina, James  :blush21:

I hadn't even begun to think about this tile properly turtle.gif

James, I think I'm mostly pending rofl.gif

Yes - I agree with Nina and James..

I will also edit in two tiles from March critted by Fran as well later today....

~Cleo cool.gif
Here are two critiques by Toumai from March:

Jox' Pekoe Boo-Hooey in Stonehenge


Arnfinn's Good Heavens I'm Beautiful in Herme's Homilies

CONGRATS to Toumai for winning the designation of COM for March!

You've let your imagination soar!

Well done!  :pharoah2
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