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Full Version: Revised Pandora Winners 2005
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Hi all.  :rainbow:

We made a change and elimated the POLLING of Pandora entries each month - it ws just TOO HARD to choose only one winner!  :read:

In its place, when a member participates in THREE challenges (only one entry will count per challenge), they will receive the Chaos Award.

Chaos Award

*Graphic provided by
Celtic Castle Designs

The first member to reach this new award status is:

Zeus² with his three entries as follows;
[*]Cararssius Auratus, May-05
[*]Not a Good Night , Jun-05
[*]Know More, Know Less, Jul-05

Congrats! bowdown.gif

~Cleo and the gang :pharoah2
Hi Larry !!  :sun:

Congrats on your Chaos Award !!!  :pharoah2  I haven't read all your entries but shall forthwith proceed to do so !!!  :detective:

Sylvia  :wave:
Yes, well done, Larry -

But I do worry. You've gone into Critical Chaos now - hope the fallout isn't too great!


Hi Cleo !   sun.gif

Just read your announcement about Chaos Awards. Good for Larry, he's really been creative lately and I shall now peep in on his Pandora contributions, since I'm VERY behind in all my MM activities due to personal problems.

Still, it's being a Sunday morning and I'm not a church-goer, new ideas crop up into my head, always a dangerous situation when I'm the one with the new ideas..... ha...ha....  :ghostface:  :alien:  

I'm thinking specifically of the Duet Challenge, which appears to take place only once a year (or maybe twice?), so I thought perhaps it should merit an award of its own? I've only entered it once, and I now realize that it entails a lot of dedication, mutual understanding, time, coordination and many other conditions not ordinarily related to individual contributions. I had a great time working with Ephiny and learnt a great deal in the process, but unexpected obstacles turned up (Lucie's grandmother died and she was caught up in personal problems, and I had my own family difficulties). These circumstances are all the more troubling when you're committed to working with somebody else and want to be punctual and er... lucid  :cool: , in your collaborations.

Well, anyway, this is my Sunday morning "thought". Since the majority appear to be in favour of awards, then I say:  "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em". That's why I propose this idea   turtle.gif  :turtle:

Hugs to Cleo and the gang !!
Sylvia  :butterfly:
Nina now joins Zman with her Chaos award too for:
[*]A Mysterious Disappearance, May-05
Hidden Danger, May-05
[*]Things that go Bump on a Moonlit Night, Jun-05
[*]In His Father's Eyes, Jul-05

Congrats Nina!  :dance:
Grace (Cybele) has now won the Chaos award too with her three responses:
[*]Summer Twilight, May-05
[*]Regicide, Jun-05
[*]Sir Francis Chichester, Jul-05

Congrats!  :wizard:
Well done, too Nina and Grace - excellent work.

Congrats to Cathy for winning her Chaos award with her Clerihews from Aug, Disappoinment from Sep and Under the Bed in October.

Congrats to Nina for winning her 2nd Chaos award with her Clerihews from Aug, Asylum Seeker in Sep and Under the Bed/I'll Be Watching You in October.


Oops! I get to add my name for the Chaos with: The Rejection Letter Rebuttal in Jul, Clerihews in Aug and Spirit's Walk in Oct.

Oh boy! dance.gif
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