1. If you don't take a bath for five days, people are not as apt to crowd you at the WalMart.

2. Even bad coffee tastes good if you've not had power in several days!

3. If your 45 lb hairy Airedale decides to lay on your lap for awhile, it's okay. When the dog gets up, you feel (relatively speaking) pretty cool for a little while.

4. Horses don't much care if it's storming or not, as long as they have hay to munch on. Perhaps we'd be better off to live more simply.....

5. Dogs don't care if the wind is blowing sideways. They will continue to run around and have fun until lawnchairs start flying around in the yard making scary noises.

6. To a nervous dog, the sound of a Pepsi bottle opening in the next room is something to sound the alarm about.

7. One of the most aggravating sounds in modern life is a phone ringing.. unless you've not had phone service for several days!

8. When playing Scrabble by candlelight, it's a good idea to have a large print dictionary, not the 'unabridged collegiate' semi-portable version which, despite having many opportunities for learning new words, has very, very small print! It's also  good idea to tie your hair back!

9. When school is out due to a hurricane, children are bored, so they enjoy playing "School". (Why aren't they like this on 'regular' days?)

10. When the ceiling fans are stopped, you have to face how filthy they are. Fortunately, during a long, sticky, summertime power outage, there's not much better to do than clean the ceiling fans.

11. It's almost as hard to break the habit of flushing every time as it is
to re- form the habit of flushing every time..Same with turning lights off and on.

12. If the Amish can live without electricity, so can I.

13. I don't really want to be Amish!

Gena Booher 9/9/2004