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Full Version: In Tribute to FW Bourdillon
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I'm taken by this simple poem although it's often greatly panned by the scholars. You can link to it at

How black is the nightly sky
And the day so bright;
But the light of day must die
With the dawn of night.
The love of our life denies
All that's nightly black:
But the light of a whole life dies
When love we lack.
Dear JGT,

I'm one of those who can only rise as far as parody :


The wife has a thousand eyes,
hubby only two,
yet she don't know where 'e's at
when he's on the blue.

The wife has a thousand tongues
her poor man just one;
yes, it's 'er will slice 'im up,
when he is well done .....

Alan McAlpine Douglas

Dear Alan,
I started writing parodies, not paraphrases. Parodies were admittedly much fun as they gave free expression to one's imagination as yours here so well demonstrates. I'm sure that if the spirit of Mr B. looks in here, he'll be pleased with us both.
Nicely done!
Cheers,    jgd
Hi Ron!

I like your response piece here and you've once again demonstrated a skill to mimic the masters!

Good job! dance.gif

~Cleo laugh.gif
Dear Cleo,
I'm promoting this only to demote it.
Regarding the chapbook, I'd limit my contribution to "In Tribute to All the Bards I've ever Paraphrased" dropping this one.
Cheers,     jgd
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