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Full Version: Left for my Left Knee
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Greetings, Y'all!

Sorry I've not been here for the last couple of weeks. I went into the hospital on Tuesday Dec 19 to have my 21-year-old left knee replaced. I had been badly bowed, and intermittent pain had begun to increase. We'd knew it needed to be done for over a year, but this was the time.

I was a bit concerned, because during the recovery process one needs a 'good' leg to support and to go up stairs first, but my left leg has been my 'good leg' for the past two years, as pain in my right shin had increased to the level that I'd not been able to take the first step up stairs with it for almost two years, and my physical activity had been cut back to almost no activity at all. We were very concerned about my inability to burn off calories, and my weight had grown, rather than decreased, as had been our goal.

Anyhow, when I came out of the surgery, I discovered that our surgeon found that the 'spacer' between the artificial tibia and fibula extensions was totally crushed and broken. He cleaned out the debris, replaced the plastic 'spacer' and stapled me back up. I moved to the rehab center where I am now on Christmas Eve, and a couple of days later I realized that most of the pain in my RIGHT leg was GONE. This week in therapy I've been able to walk up stairs with my right leg without noticeable pain and with ease. I've not been able to do that for two years!

I've gained excellent movement in the left knee in the past few days, and I had the staples removed this evening. I may be going home either Friday of this week or Tuesday of next, depending on the decisions and observations of the supervisory team and the insurance companies. We also switch from Aetna and Medicare to Medicare and TriCare on the 7th, since Eileen's insurance comes to an end, just over a month after her retirement in November.

Eileen and I are prepared for whatever the Lord has in His plans, and I'm looking forward to the prospect of being more physically active and getting rid of some of this very damaging body fat!

At any rate, Eileen brought in my computer today after I tried in vain to use the computer that is available for patients here. It's worse than a joke. So I'll try to be visiting a few of others' posts and catching up.

deLighting to be back, Daniel sun.gif
Oh my goodness, Daniel, I just happened to drop by and saw this news. You've certainly been thru' a rough time, so sorry.
I see that all this happened during Christmas and beyond. Your report sounds good, so I hope now in May you're totally recovered. And that you managed to lose some weight! That's important.
I seldom come to MM anymore. It makes me downright sad, almost depressed, as there are so few of you around any more. I did see that Larry posted a rondeau in Herme's. And that you all continue with the word challenges.

I've moved on to some other websites, but frankly I haven't found any poets like I've found here at MM.
They send in poems for IBPC every month. MM used to do that. I've only won some H.M.'s, whereas Eira got a 1st. prize for a lovely poem, fairly recently.

I wish you and Eileen all the best! Maybe you can take a holiday?

Take care, keep well, best,
Sylvia rofl.gif lovie.gif cheer.gif thumbsup.gif butterfly.gif

Dear Daniel~

Sorry to hear but, glad you are on the mend.

I miss MM too. I am doing a lot of oil painting these days. At some stage I am hoping to combine painting and poetry...perhaps in time it will happen.

I do pop in from time to time to check on how things here are going. And yes, I miss you all too, Psyche. Hope you are ok??

Take care and get well.

Great to find you here as well, Bev. Great that you've taken up painting. Some of the challenges here go with a painting to inspire you. Have you seen them?

I hope you've no health troubles? I've had a pretty rough year, first a kidney stone that got stuck half way down its way out. The pain was horrid and fortunately daughter Diana was here, so she took me to E.R. I had an endoscope down below and the doc found two tiny stones blocking the passageway. My kidney was full of nasty fluids and I could have lost it... I'm going for my umpteenth check up in a couple of hours.

Meanwhile, my Fibromyalgia is almost intolerable, despite medication. I'll be seeing a Pain Specialist, in the hopes of getting a prescription for medical marihuana, which is finally legal in Argentina. It's always been easily available, but I'd rather get a proper prescription and buy it from a lisenced provider. Tried the stuff before, with no luck.

Have you been getting around at all? Do you ever see Wally and his wife? You must have grandchildren now? Maybe you can share pictures on FB, everybody seems to be there, despite the scandals. I suspect there's some kind of witch hunt going on, Mark Z. supplied our profiles for a study in Cambridge University, to a supposedly honest professor in Psychology. But they ended up elsewhere...

All the same, I didn't sign any of those petitions against him. He should be fined, perhaps, as Google was in the E.U. These guys have always had all our info, I just search for something to buy Online, and the advs follow me for ages! Even to poetry websites...LOL..

Bye for now, another greeting to Daniel and best of luck to you, Bev. I'll return here if Lori ever retakes her admin work. Everything went downhill when she left, we miss her as she was so active, long ago.

Love to all, Sylvia
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