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Full Version: Joyful Mirrors (after reading Shelley's "A Defence of Poetry")
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RC James

Reason doesn´t invent or write a poem,
you can't will a poem to the page;
You can’t under bedcovers decide
tomorrow you’ll compose something great.
While creating, inspiration is fading,
then something mysterious, unknown,
gives a quick nudge to the struggling poet,
and that stimulus comes from within,
but final results will likely be less powerful
than the supernova-like original idea.

Truth and beauty are the poet’s lasting province,
what exists for all to see and how we express it.
The “auditors,” are moved by what they hear
but have no idea how or why it’s happening.
Knowledge, power and pleasure are released
from the poet’s pen and the mind takes over,
arranging them according to rhythm and order.

Where divinity is residing somewhere in man
poetry seeks it out and redeems it from rust.
There is no logic, poetry is aslant mind’s powers,
evanescent, the thoughts seeking full expression
rise with joy, pleasure and anticipation, then fall.
Hi Richard,
I came over from the poetry forums because it's so quiet these days. And I found this philosophical piece that you've writen...very interesting. I like it.
I suppose you posted it here because it's more like prose than poetry, though personally I think it could be over in Seren's.
I was immediately struck with your opening lines:

Reason doesn´t invent or write a poem,
you can't will a poem to the page;

Made me think of Aristotle, who said somewhere in his Poetics that a poet can show in a few lines what a philosopher would have to explain in several tomes. Exactly, reason is not a handy instrument for a poet. And you can't will a poem to the page! Well said.

I would go on, but it's my bedtime now. I'm glad I came over and was able to belatedly enjoy this striking piece.
Syl butterfly.gif


WOW, certainly some words for thought here!

Thank you for sharing.

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