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A peal tossed away in the valley
cause a fella to slip – he verbally
expressed his aversion
to such an incursion
but carried on dilly and dally. Rally!
Here's the one I wrote yesterday morning but could not connect with the part of the site that enabled us to post!!

QUOTE (Larry @ May 28 13, 14:33 ) *
When you head over hills with a squeal
is it due to adrenaline’s feel
when caressing her curves
that excitement deserves
or perhaps it’s her valley’s appeal.

Rehab in the valley repealed,
'cause its line in the budget concealed
the salaries paid
and the moneys mislaid
by the staff. Now it's all been revealed.
QUOTE (Merlin @ May 29 13, 15:44 ) *
A peal tossed away in the valley
cause a fella to slip – he verbally
expressed his aversion
to such an incursion
but carried on dilly and dally. Rally!

You've a dil'ying and dallying bent?
Are you living in great discontent?
Have you been seeking aid?
Could your need soon cascade
to a hole filled with you and cement?
Revealed by the staff – what a flop!
They jived and they did the hip-hop
but the cymbals were turning
and rubber was burning;
then the smoke cleared and they had to stop.

What she meant was a flop on the hole
even though quite a few had a bole
as they gyrated on
till the coming of Don
who arrived with his wife, Missus Troll.
With his wife, Missus Troll, Don arrived
and in gyrating dance they both dived
but the heat of their friction
exposed Don’s predilection
though some say that the Missus survived.
Both Don and his Missus survived
though each of them swooned then revived
with glasses of water
that their anxious daughter
threw on them. She had just arrived!
She arrived and threw water on them
with some pooled on the floor of the gym
so she slid mom and dad
to a dry wrestling pad
‘cause it looked like they’d gone for a swim.
If they swim on a wrestling pad,
would you say, "That's not my Mom and Dad!"
Would you change your last name
and pretend that you're lame
to be first out the door, feeling sad?
Feelings said at the door are the first
things remembered. A sudden outburst
can cause things to arise
to ones sudden demise
and then you might wind up as re-hearsed.
So if you wind up as re-hearsed
then you discover you have burst
the taboo on death
't'was not your last breath
you live again and again - poet, re-versed !

A poet, re-versed, is a teop
and is sure to become one big felop!
The best one can do
is turn left right on thru
and sit on a shelf in some bookshop.
In a bookshop some sit on a shelf
with the hope someone buys for themselves
knowledge you would impart
but their phones are too smart.
You’d have more chance of being an elf.
An elf took a chance rolling dice,
rolling once, rolling twice, rolling thrice.
He rolled for the gold,
so the story is told,
winning big; now he’s known as Sir Price.
No surprise; winning big he was known
to have strangers call him on the phone
as well as cousin Adam;
didn't know that he had 'im
requesting a low interest loan.
A low interest loan by request?
A bank will make sure you’re undressed
once you pay all their fees –
they’ll squash you and squeeze
till you’re laid out and all decompressed!
Decompressing and you’re all laid out,
wondering what that is all about.
Scuba diving too deep
causes permanent sleep
or the bends which make you scream and shout.
Scream and shout, ah! those days of our benders,
wearing shorts that were held by suspenders!
At twenty, in fashion,
no use for K-ration,
we toasted the world and contenders!
Nuclear Option

We toasted the world and contenders
for aught, objections of defenders
one press of our button
and all lamb was mutton
the best of all possible game-enders

The gay menders are possibly best
when referring to fashion, well dressed;
but the poor transvestite
though they try as they might
can’t wear strapless because of their chest.
Wearing strapless my chest looks its best
or sometimes I’ll put on a vest,
when off pops a button
while I was out strutton,
and the gals were ah-fully impressed.
If you aw-fully impress the girls
‘cause your chest-hair has ringlets and curls
I’d suggest that you shave
it all off just to save
eyes from buttons your vest often hurls.
I's got buttons your vest often hurls
at those mighty strange creatures called gurlz
all peaked in a sweater
what don't know no better
who - goddamn it - put swine before purlz

If you're feeding fine pearls to your swine
I must wonder on what you would dine:
do you drink silverade
that is served by a maid
who's decked out in gold chain? I decline.
I decline a gold chain and e-rings,
e-male and e-lope, all those things,
and swine might get flu
so what’s there to do
if Pearl keeps undoing your strings?
If your strings are undone by Ms. Pearl,
rest assured, she’s a wonderful girl.
She’s a master masseuse
who’ll massage your caboose
and the rest until your toes uncurl.
If your toes are uncurled, you can walk
much easier, and you can stalk
Ms Pearl where she works,
but there are no perks
if arrested, where you're found to gawk!
If arrested for gawking, you’ll find
that the term, “Out of sight, out of mind!”
doesn’t work as a crutch.
“You can look but don’t touch”
will not cover a voyeurs behind.
A voyeur observing the action
saw addition and also, subtraction.
A pencil, eraser,
a skirt and a chaser
were parts of a total attraction.
Attracted to girls at the park
he'd often go there on a lark
to ogle and stare
and dream to ensnare
a partner so they'd disembark.
A partner of mine owned a barque
where he spent all his time, light or dark.
Dis em barque was his joy –
there was no cabin boy
so he barked at himself; what a quark!
In the dark, Merlin barks at the moon,
which I hear he first did in Cancun,
where he went with a girl
who forbade him a whirl
on her bicycle that afternoon.
On her afternoon bicycle ride
she got hot and pulled off by the side
of the road for a dip
in the cove where a ship
full of septuagenarians cried
On a septuagenarian cruise
there was bowling and barrels of booze
for spry, lively fellas
still able and zealous;
for others, large couches to snooze.
While the ship full of old codgers drool
the young lady just waves as she cools
her bicycle buns
then wades out and suns
the rest, unaware she was cruel.

... and since I posted right after Merlin, evidently:

Lie about on your couch and grow fat
or roll off the veranda, go splat
on the concrete below
to let the blood flow
to the terra from which you'se begat.
Begat poked at Terrance, who snored
unaware of the others aboard,
butt those buns in the sun
brought his snooze to undone,
and his anchor arose aweigh for’rd.
When the archer arose near the ford
he crossed over the river; his sword
was still in his sheath
as he slipped beneath
the water... with arrows was gored.
With the water, agoras arose
and the shops all sold fish, I suppose
but in Venice, I’ll bet,
they catch fish with their net
and the shopkeepers all hold their nose
Bill Shopkeeper’s sonnet on noses
was meant to be all about roses
but a typesetter’s goof
turned it into a spoof,
that R a true tale, one supposes!
One supposes that true are the tales
Merlin spins. Purposely, he misspells
words so linguistically
that it consternates me
but his last lines leave mental contrails.
Pens are found at the end of con trails --
state or federal -- or county jails;
it is sad they repeat
but it's hard to defeat
the fact many felons oft fail.
Angelina once fell on her flail,
poor gal, she was always so frail.
We threshed all the harder
since we couldn’t yard ‘er
or wait until Angie turned stale!
His weight made his anger turn stale
but if prodded, his ire could prevail
and whirl into rage
that's hard to assuage;
can sink any ship that sets sail.
There’s a ship in the straits that’s set sail
‘cross the water one can hear the wail
of the convicts inside
who have sailed with the tide
on their way to the Port Arthur jail.
To poor Arthur, whose whey wouldn’t gel
and soufflés, when prepared, always fell;
the Chef told him, “Explore
his convictions some more
in the loo where his foods match the smell!”
Lou’s food was a match for its smell,
as his customers knew very well.
The donuts were wholly
englazed with E-coli,
a flavor that weren’t caramel.
Caramel was a flavor it weren’t
‘cause it tasted decidedly burnt.
Lou’s the only cook there
and he just doesn’t care
if good taste is acquired or is learnt
if good taste is learnt or acquired
one must wonder just what inspired
the chefs at Macca’s,
those diligent hackers
of beasts that were ancient and tired.
Being ancient and tired the beasts were
rather scruffy from losing their fur
so they had their pelts shaved
and then all of them braved
getting tattooed where hair should occur.
Where hair should occur were tattoos
of dragons in drag and chartreuse.
Downstairs near the grotto
was a bright red tomato
and a pickle designed to amuse!
The amusing design was a pickle
which hung down like a chartreuse icicle
near the dragon grotto
but as far as I know
its amelioration is fickle.
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