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Full Version: Pandora's November Challenge ~ Cleo (repeat oldie)
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Hi all, wave.gif

Just to get things going for this challenge, I found my original reply to this from November 2008. I'm gonna go ahead and repost, with a few tweaks, lol!

~Cleo turkey.gif

Stuffing with Flair

'Twas the dawn of Thanksgiving and all through the house,
we find ourselves cursing that gluttonous louse
who snuck in and snitched all the stuffing last night:
That’s not very nice! No, it just isn’t right!

Our guests were arriving with veggies and dips
and Momma kept crowing, "You'll have hippo hips!"
Aunt Cathy came through with her baked apple pie
and Grandma demanded Tom Turkey's plump thigh.

Then all of a sudden, our family saw
no stuffing ingredients, no bread crumbs, no slaw;
“Oh what shall we do? The stuffing’s been 'napped!”
“We’ll have to make due -- 'cause our funds have been tapped!”

Away to the pantry I flew like a flash
to find stale saltines and five year old hash...
"There’s nothing in here we can cook in its place!"
Let's hope for some payback while saying our grace.

It came to me then: I quite humbly did say,
"We’ll make our own stuffing; let's make it this way:
a sprinkle of laughter we'll bottle and pour
combined with a nap we'll all need (and a snore…)

a jig of that dance we will do when our team
has won the big game, and then toast our regime.
Bring in the outdoors: the making of wreathes
in place of the nibbles we frequently eat.

A stuffing of dreams with a wish that comes true;
we’ll make for our loved ones - a gift to see through,
where people can eat all the stuffing they want
and never feel guilty of ‘Weight Watchers’ taunt.

We'll stir in some seas'ning of mem'ries to share,
then tell everyone of our stuffing with flair;
top off with a hug and a kiss just for you,
‘cause seeking revenge is Thanksgiving taboo!”

Copyright © Lorraine M. Kanter 12 Nov 2006/25 Nov 2008/02 Nov 2015
This is a wonderfully creative Thanks-giving take-off of "The Night Before Christmas..."

deLighting in the reading, Daniel sun.gif
Why thanks very much Daniel. sun.gif
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