Hello and welcome to Pandora's November Challenge! detective.gif We're bringing back an oldie for giggles! turkey.gif

Pandora's box has been opened and Chaos is running amok! Can you capture her Muse in time before the Mosaic is toppled? rock.gif

The Topic:
It's nearing Thanksgiving in the United States, but Thanksgiving is having neighbors, friends, family and loved ones feast with us. It's time to stuff the turkey; however, Stuffing with your old familiar ingredients would certainly go bad so you've got to write a poem or prose entry that describes stuffing your turkey with something other than stuffing.  turkey.gif

Some examples or possibilities might be:
Love Letters
Old Poetry

You get the idea...  sun.gif

The Challenge:
In order to close the door on Chaos, you must create a poem or prose response relating to the topic above. You can either describe the topic or use it some other creative way (metaphorically for example). The reader must be able to identify the Topic within your entry.

The Chaos:
Ahhh, not so fast! Now for the chaotic element for this challenge ~ You must stuff your turkey with anything creative, but nothing edible.

The Rules:
  • All responses must utilize the topic as stated above.
  • You may submit multiple entries.
Please post your entry/entries as a NEW TOPIC in this forum and use the title description box to label your posts as Pandora's November Challenge by (membername).

The End Date:
The challenge will close on Novemeber 30th.

Will you rise above and conquer Pandora? Fencing.gif

There's only one way to find out! Start writing! rock.gif
Good luck! Artist.gif cheer.gif

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