I would like to nominate Larry's Spring sonnet, which is absolutely beautiful. Wonderful images. It can be found by clicking here. Read.gif

Spring by Larry D. Jennings

My love draws near; her breath upon my face
is scented balm to soothe her sister’s wrath.
I yearn to see her eyes, feel her embrace
but know that time restrains. The forest path

is still a lifeless track. Denuded trees
raise barren boughs as though they would entreat
her swift return. An antecedent breeze
which stirs the life held in their umber feet

beguiles me with its warm caress. She tempts
me with a taste of what will soon appear
when she reveals herself. Like forest nymphs,
arising from what’s left of winter’s bier,

she’ll dance through glens in diaphane and jade.
Until that time, I’ll smile at each charade.