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Full Version: July IBPC Nomination - Declined: Published
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I would like to nominate Syl's poem, Uncharted Bends, found in Seren's HERE.

It is a beautiful poem that transports the reader back to childhood days, but with a thought provoking twist in the end.

Uncharted Bends by Sylvia Maclagan

When I was a child, bubbles and dewdrops
were magical instants in my forever days.
I’d prance to the brief lifelines
of butterflies swarming over alfalfa crops,
giggle at sparrows flapping wings in dust baths,
harken to birds' pecks in luscious grapevines.

Daydreams were true as stalwart
poplars bending to mighty winds
or fields of maize crinkling in breezes.

From the nearby river's edge,
I'd skip bare-skinned into rippling waters
to quench my thirst;
swirling forward under noonday haze
I’d sense freedom in summer’s air
along meandering shores
where flows reversed.

Uncharted bends patterned moist flatlands
alive with sounds of mimicking mutants.

Relentless light shone down on my head
as I relished the immediacy of cold water.
Floating downstream on my back, I heeded
the echoing emptiness of the wilds.

Grasshoppers, sunflowers, our sturdy homestead,
-like your hand in mine now that my legs falter-
everything holds enduring truths to a child.

Copyright © Sylvia Maclagan
Beautiful poem and great nom, Snow! cheer.gif

I have replied to you and Sylvia via the July IBPC thread in the staff forum. Syl - please let me know if you make any changes before the 1st.

~Cleo cheer.gif
Delighted with the nom, thank you Snow!

I've made some small changes after Lori's comments.



Great! I've got the latest revision in my file and will be sending tomorrow. sun.gif

Good luck!
~Cleo sun.gif

Hey, Cleo, I'm afraid you can't send in this poem because it has been published. chilly.gif

I've been too busy with personal matters to think about this issue, so sorry.

Thanks all the same, Snow, for the nomination. I'm still very pleased.
And thank you both for the great suggestions. cloud9.gif


QUOTE (Cleo_Serapis @ Jun 29 13, 12:12 ) *
Great! I've got the latest revision in my file and will be sending tomorrow. sun.gif

Good luck!
~Cleo sun.gif
Oh well Syl - that's ok. At least it brought this lovely poem to attention! sun.gif

Thanks for letting me know - I have removed it from the IBPC email I'm sending now.

~Cleo galadriel.gif
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