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Full Version: MM's Selections for July Comp
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UPDATE: AS of July 6th (last day for submissions), Sergio has opted to have a different poem from a different board submitted this month. Best of luck!

Hi Lori! sun.gif

I would like to nominate Sergio's (saore's) poem "Madness" for July's IBPC.

Here's the link: Madness

Madness by Sergio Ortiz

Weeping muse...
you make me fall
into a thick misty river,
the tundra where my poems gather.

Madness enters on the wind,
the jolt of a wild animal
thrashing from a spasm,
its eyes seek mine
in despair.

O my first dead—
Which winter squall
carries my disordered pages,
the shroud of tears we will inhabit,
the gravesite where all spit
their epitaphs?

I think it's a deftly written, delicate piece on the subject of muses and madness, reminiscent of some of Plato's thoughts, but in modern day language.

Cheers, Syl*** wave.gif

Thank you Sylvia, I accept the nomination.

This one was sent into the staff forum a few days back by Sylvia (Psyche):

Hi Lori! cheer.gif

I'd like to nom Maureen's poem "Not Quite White", FV for the next IBPC, whenever that is. I believe the link is: Not Quite White.

NOT QUITE WHITE by Maureen Clifford

White was nice,
white was bland,
white was not a colour.

God, he was sick of white – neutral white – blank palette white.
White overalls, white dustsheets.
Everyone was the same, like bloody sheep following the leader.
They all wanted white.

Where were the blues,
the pistachios,
cerise and aubergines?

When had white become the go?
Safe old white – cold white.
Icy white, white out, antique white.

What’s right with white?

He sat under the filtered light from the skylight,
smelt the fresh plaster,
noted the grain in the timber banisters soon to be painted white
and as he stirred and stirred
the colours deepened,
became strong and vibrant.

He smiled. Surrounded by glass he stood
viewing the panorama of nature's vibrancy.

Green and blue,
yellow buttercups, wild crocus
and fluffy white clouds.

He began to paint his walls...
Not quite white.

I have contacted Maureen. YAY!
~Cleo cheer.gif

Great! I think it's highly original. I'm not so sure about the spaced version for IBPC. I've not seen that sort being prized.

It's so important to check any competitions before sending. But Maureen should decide, it's her poem.

I'm so glad you're sending it, Lori. butterfly.gif

Cheers, cloud9.gif
Best of Luck Sergio and Maureen! cheer.gif

~Cleo galadriel.gif

Best wishes for IBPC, Maureen and Sergio!!! claps.gif

Cheers, sun.gif
thank you, congratulation Maureen.

I've just received an email from David Ayers at the IBPC as follows:
Lori, hi. Sergio Ortiz had another entry from a different board, and he has chosen to have that one go on to the judge this month. If you'd like, you can substitute another poem to represent Mosaic Musings in place of "Madness."


We do not have any other poems nominated (or at least 'finalized' to go for the July competition) at this time, so we will only be submitting Maureen's poem this round.

Best of luck!

Hi Lori! lovie.gif

I did nominate John McLeod's poem Tom a long time ago. It just needs a few tweaks, IMHO, but I didn't enter the forum until yesterday to make suggestions to him, what a shame. We had mixups due to my last minute realization that my poem had been published. Speechless.gif
Too late for you to have a peep and prompt Arnie?

I also nominated a poem in F&R, it's already been worked on, maybe ready to send. Will check. I've been absent again.

Hugs to all, and best of luck to Maureen!! cheer.gif
Hi Lori,

I would like to nominate Daniel's poem A Door to Curiosity for IBPC.

It can be found by clicking here.

It's an amusing and deftly written piece about long past experiences, with which many may identify.

Hi Sylvia,

Please start a new topic for each poem that you'd like to nominate here in the IBPC forum. I do not always read all the poems and would not have noticed these were even nominated. I'll post them for you now since you've kindly posted all the tidbits. cheer.gif

Normally, all poems are due in no later that the third of each month, but due to the long holiday weekend here in the states, there were a few extra days. Our nominations need to be in no later than the 25th of each month to give me time to notify the members and them time to reply and tweak if they'd like to.

~Cleo sun.gif


As I said, I didn't post them as a new topic simply because we had 3 poems already nominated.

I believe I even told one author not to hurry, as it would be for August, and that I would nom them in the correct place as soon as I had time. And when they'd done all the tweaking, or not, that they wished. My guess is that they saw there was no need to hurry, rightly so.

I couldn't foresee that Sergio was going to opt out of his.

As you can see, I nominated them here for IBPC, but didn't mention any month, leaving that up to you. I see you've decided and done it all now. I don't know what you mean by tid-bits. I really don't have time for much more info and always thought that went in a private PM sent by you to the author.

Although I'm a bit erratic, I've been in the forums working quite hard during June and July, along with Snow. Where's the rest of the Staff?


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