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Full Version: MM's Selection for June comp
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from the sticky topic above:

Lori, I would like to nominate Snow's poem Survival for IBPC. It can be found at the following link (hopefully):

Survival in Herme's Homilies

I've dragged this out of the archives and made a few changes.


I wait
... ensconced inside my sphagnum hide
while unsuspecting creatures forage near.
My escalating hunger won't subside
as odours saturate the atmosphere.

Vibrations stir the undergrowth, I feel
a scurry close but I'm concealed among
the moss and lie stock-still. I hear a squeal,
obtain a scent by flickering my tongue.

... I quickly coil around him; death's
embrace, his limbs grow limp. Deprived of claws,
I seize head-on and taste his final breath,
while muscle rhythms draw him through my jaws.

Engorged, I glide towards a hiding place
where shadows camouflage from passing beast;
inside a cave I curl, yet heed them pace
outside, as I digest my rattus feast.

I'm so glad Eisa brought it out of the archives. I'd never seen it before. I think it's an outstanding piece, showing a part of nature that we seldom reflect on. Not so specifically, I mean.

I think she wants to nip one word out, but probably not much else.

Hope you agree, Lori! JackBox.gif

Syl*** lovie.gif
This poem has been sent for the June competition.

Best of luck Snow! cheer.gif

~Cleo galadriel.gif
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