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Full Version: Squeaky Snow
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Squeaky Snow

Squeal, squeak...every time I put my foot down on the new fallen snow, a noise would arise. It was a squeaky snow, sounds like a mouse who just bumped into a cat... oops! Squeak! Hard to sneak up on someone or something when every move your feet make, gives away your location with that scrunching squeak.

I was hoping to approach a doe and her newborn fawn to get some pictures of them in the light falling snow, but nope...squeak, squeak, squeak, that perked up their ears, off they bound and all I got was a tail end shot.

Darned squeaky snow, ... squeak... hmmm what was that? I looked around the corner and there were my siblings trying to sneak up on me with snowballs. I guess squeaky snow has its uses.

Hi Steve, wave.gif

Odin 19 is slated for only prose entries. Can you edit this one to prose please?

Sorry Lori, Is this better now? My mind was thinking on other things.
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