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Full Version: Cleo_Serapis ~ Goblet Award (round 5)
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Goblet Award

*Graphic provided by
Celtic Castle Designs

CONGRATS to Cleo for receiving this Goblet Award (her 5th) for a very toastable honor! dance.gif opera.gif cheer.gif cloud9.gif

You've demonstrated excellence in letting your imagination soar! bowdown.gif

The following pieces qualify for the Goblet Award: the posting of 10 new topics for critique in Herme's Homilies - our form poetry crit forum. sings.gif cheer.gif
  • Heaven's Caress, 02/25/07
  • Golden God, 03/11/07
  • Inspiration's Life, 03/25/07
  • Calanon, Part I, 03/31/07
  • Chime of Life, 06/02/07
  • Year's End on Doogwyn, 06/16/07
  • The Niche, 07/01/07
  • Lara and Indie, Raiders Collide, 08/25/07
  • Lighthouse Way, 09/16/07
  • Stone Portal, 10/31/07
You've made us proud Lori! pharoah2.gif
Mosaic Musings Staff knight.gif Pharoah.gif Viking.gif troy.gif princess.gif vic.gif cali.gif tut.gif knight.gif
Congratulations. How did you ever find the time for all of this fine creativity?
I never sleep John! LOL.gif upside.gif

Thank you very much!

You are young, so you can get by with little or no sleep.
Don't I wish, and thanks - you are too kind, I'm not that young, LOL! rofl.gif kiss.gif

My sleep needs have changed since the cancer last year - seems I'm always wanting to sleep MORE, but never manage to actually do it. wacko.gif
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