Knight Award

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CONGRATS to Orion for receiving this Knight Award for a very knightly honor! dance.gif opera.gif cheer.gif cloud9.gif

You've demonstrated excellence in letting your imagination soar! bowdown.gif

The following pieces qualify for the Knight Award: the posting of 10 new topics for critique in Seren's Synapse - our free verse poetry crit forum. sings.gif cheer.gif
  • Hot, 09/25/05
  • A Peaceful Night, 10/21/06
  • One Winter Wish, 11/11/06
  • Wicker Ricker Blues, 11/12/06
  • Sherry's Laughter, 03/03/07
  • Jammin' in May, 04/12/07
  • All Day Long for Daddy, 05/27/07
  • Notice, 06/17/07
  • Give and Take, 06/20/07
  • Freedom's Lift, 07/05/07
You've made us proud Jan! pharoah2.gif king2.gif
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