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Mosaic Musings...interactive poetry reviews _ General Site Information -> Scribe's Stylus _ Unplanned outage 4/20/2014

Posted by: Imhotep Apr 20 14, 15:30

Hi all,

There was an outage today (about 5.5 hours or so?) that was caused by loss of Internet connectivity (my ISP had a problem of some sort that took them a while to fix).

Apologies for the inconvenience,

Hope everyone had a Happy Easter


Posted by: Psyche Apr 20 14, 18:08

HA. Just got in now, Peter! Tx for all the work you do!!

Nobody will believe me, but I was actually going to post a new poem today. Haven't posted anything for ages...LOL...

BTW, I couldn't access MM last night, either. I mean, about 2 a.m. my local time.

Must have some refreshment, the poem will have to wait.

Tx a lot,

Posted by: Imhotep Apr 21 14, 14:28

Hmm, that's interesting. What's your timezone in GMT? I'd like to sift back through the logs and see if I can see anything for that period.

As always, feel free to email/pm me with any system errors, some things automated testing and monitoring just can't reproduce and will need a bit more poking around to understand.


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