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One Rose
Posted by Larry - 07-23-18 15:07 - 2 comments
One Rose

One tattered rose, yet beauty still remains;
reflecting in the tears of Nature’s grief
to mix with mine. Fate’s route of last refrains
has led me where my love now lies beneath

cold hallowed grounds. It must have fallen from
the myriad of flowers which now frame
white marble stone. Death’s feast has left a crumb
and I, with trembling hand and eyes aflame

retrieve a vestige of the coffin’s shroud.
Now cradled carefully lest petals fall
to carpet steps of dissipating crowd;
much like our wedding day. I will recall

the life we shared but always loathe the ache
of losing my sweet Rose when I awake.
Read 146 times - last comment by Larry   

12 Indicted, More, Close to Home. to Come
Posted by RC James - 07-13-18 16:06 - 1 comments

Clearly, above the hubub today,
the hounds’ bays, piercing,
sustained, drown out all other
sounds, as if a dome
of fogged silence shuts out
all but the fierce barks, yelps,
howls and growling.

The hounds’ owner sits,
calmly, on a ridge, knowing
precisely where the search leads.
He has adopted the measured,
well-advised course
maintaining the disciplined process
of discovery, arrest, and conviction.

He pauses for a solemn look
into the disarray of the valley,
then nudges his charger’s reins
back to from where he came,
the mountain where eagles live;
he’ll consult with a hermit there,
who has forsaken all comforts
for the headstrong life of refusal.

The horseman will simply sit
to a cup of the hermit’s special blend,
and as he leaves they’ll exchange nods,
nothing more; enough is enough.
Read 117 times - last comment by greenwich   

Questions on the Way Over
Posted by RC James - 07-13-18 16:03 - 1 comments

An otherworldly white rose appears full bloom
on the mantle to soothe our harsh tomorrows.
Where does the lithe spirit we abandoned loom?
Alive, alive in memory, not in sorrow.

The dread apparitions that claim you nightly,
will they too, come with us on our final run,
then in drear spite, haunt us anew frightfully,
and dwell in this dream’s remainder like a sun?

Will the fear of what we’ve come to understand,
proud in lop-top-sided triumph, embrace us?
A thousand turbulent miles from land lies more land,
here, the dolphins hypnotize with arcing trust.

The ocean of our past informs us, and gleams;
beneath tormented skies, prophets’ poems speak
while silent seamsters sew spirit to our dreams.
We can’t forget what we’ve lost for what we seek.

Can we summon the extent of what we know,
how we know it, and make when conform to now?
There is nothing more sound than a falcon’s show,
only a dove’s return with what love might allow.
Read 105 times - last comment by Larry   

Posted by JustDaniel - 07-7-18 17:25 - 2 comments


He owned the neighborhood where we
transplanted him to South Jersey
from Florida. We'd left his sis
but didn't think that he would miss
her all that much, 'cause he loved me

He'd jump on anything he'd see
refrigerator, bird in tree
a mouse that he would give death's kiss
He owned the neighborhood

One mouse had the audacity
to be a warfarin causality
Dink’s neck became a giant cyst
but when he healed, could not resist
the squirrels, the mice, a bird in tree
He owned the neighborhood

© MLee Dickens’son 07 July 2018
Read 95 times - last comment by JustDaniel   

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