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10-Letter Word Challenge
Posted by JustDaniel - 10-25-20 20:02 - 0 comments

Beginnings eventually give it no new items, never galling Sylvia.

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The Groom
Posted by JustDaniel - 10-12-20 06:14 - 0 comments
The Groom

Jose Angel Montoya noblé stands
beside his groomsmen, smiling nervously
as 2, then 12 is reached – slow-moving hands
arrive! His guests have come… his bride to see.

Beside his groomsmen, smiling nervously,
he coughs… again looks up to see still more
arrive. His guests have come his bride to see
as someone very special they adore.

He coughs again, looks up to see. Still more
his throat’s so dry. The sisters tend to him
as someone very special. They adore
this brother, bring refreshment o’er the brim.

His throat’s so dry! The sisters tend a hymn.
A full-voiced soloist begins to sing;
this brother brings refreshment o’er the brim.
Search through vest pocket. Is it there? The ring?

A full-voiced soloist begins to sing
as 2, then 12 is reached. Slow-moving hands
search through vest pocket. Is it? There – the ring!
Jose Angel Montoya noblé stands.

© Daniel J Ricketts 17 July 2003
in anticipation of daughter DoriAn’s wedding 19 July, 2 PM PDT
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An Autumnal Moment.
Posted by Rhymer - 10-2-20 14:00 - 4 comments
Autumnal leaves keep falling,
with their colours fading fast,
as winter’s days come calling,
their beauty will not last.

With their colours fading fast,
leaves lie heavy on the grass,
their beauty will not last,
as autumnal days now pass.

Leaves lie heavy on the grass:
having drifted ankle deep:
as autumnal days now pass,
so Nature goes to sleep.

Having drifted ankle deep,
as a blanket for the soil.
so Nature goes to sleep,
and rest from daily toil.

As a blanket for the soil,
and keep winter’s cold at bay,
and rest from daily toil,
is ever Nature’s way.

To keep winter’s cold at bay.
As winter days come calling,
until Spring returns our way:
autumnal leaves keep falling.

Rhymer. October 2nd, 20230.

Read 64 times - last comment by JustDaniel   

Our Choice!
Posted by Rhymer - 09-29-20 09:23 - 1 comments
Although eyes are opened, how few of us will see
What there is around us, or care what it might be?
For many shrink from truth, to suit their selfish need,
With eyesight that’s selective, troubles they’ll not heed.

Although ears are receptive, how few of us will hear,
The cries of those persecuted, living constantly in fear.
Deafened by the thunder, of righteous indignation;
Their pleas silently ignored, by lack of motivation.

Although our hearts are touched, by pity and compassion,
When action is needed, it’s considered out of fashion.
It’s an oft accepted view: that’s Life! So what? It’s tough!
Then leave the matter shelved: tomorrow - soon enough!

Should we exercise our senses, and open hearts much more
To mitigate the plight, that affects the world’s sick and poor
It is by our so doing, and the satisfaction Life awards,
That we find ourselves blessed, and reap justified rewards.

Rhymer September 28th, 2007.
(Erroneously posted in Acropolis Challenges)

Read 35 times - last comment by JustDaniel   

Homeless and Dispirited ---
Posted by Rhymer - 09-29-20 09:11 - 1 comments
Glimpsed as aberrations of our imagination,
Which quickly disappear upon close examination,
These past, present denizens of the afterlife,
Are now dead ringers condemned to eternal strife!

Some are meek apparitions of lesser standing,
Who, when randomly met upon a stair landing,
Are no more than pale visions of a phantom state.
Ill-starred victims, sentenced to a haunting fate!

Often preceded by musty miasmic vapours,
Wellspring of grief to the living with their capers,
These grotesque caricatures of once living form,
Continually cause chaos! Refusing to conform!

These discarnate spectres, with ghoulish impudence,
Frequently display transparent signs of decadence,
But when spooked, the poltergeist or doppelganger,
Discharges destructive and high spirited clangour!

They, having expressed their wraithful spite,
Flee to nether regions in full fugacious flight.
Doomed to haunt those they eternally deplore.
Their eerie ectoplasmic state is for evermore!

These ephemeral visions, we so seldom welcome.
Are often too real to dismiss as pure 'bunkum!'
For these incarnate spirits, we know as Ghosts,
Are seldom well-received by their haunted hosts!

Rhymer. September 29th, 2020.
(In the English language.)
Read 31 times - last comment by JustDaniel   

Poles Apart.
Posted by Rhymer - 09-18-20 15:57 - 7 comments
Poles Apart.

I’m positive I met a man the other day,
One clearly negative in every way.
As I could tell right from the start.
The two of us were really poles apart.

When first we connected via the Internet,
I cabled him to visit and so we met,
It proved to be a really poor connection,
For sparks flew in every known direction!

With my every argument negated
He failed to be positively motivated
I immediately fulminated! Blew a fuse!
That brought short his verbal abuse,

As this activated an under current
Which alternated with a direct deterrent,
I switched tactics to plug his flow;
Transformed his power trip from fast to slow

Being shocked by his constant negativity
With every reasoned argument of relativity
Wasted, I tried to ensure I was insulated,
Taking the line he was not positively motivated.

Since having conducted an ‘on-line’ survey
Of how matters came to be this way,
It was found contradictory polarity
Provided grounds to arrive at our disparity

As we’d broken our recent live connection
I wired him with a suggested positive correction.
That should he remain so negatively down to earth?
In Life, I’m positive, he’d generate little worth.

September 18th, 2020

Composed earlier after an angry confrontation with an angry neighbour. Denis

Read 232 times - last comment by JustDaniel   

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