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Mosaic Musings...interactive poetry reviews _ Chapbook Competition -> Odin's Opposition _ That's Why [swap quatrain]

Posted by: JustDaniel Dec 29 10, 11:54

Thatís Why

Although Iím slow, Iím thankful I can read.
Still, I would like to find a way to show
how much my dull, dyslexic eyes impede.
Iím thankful I can read, although Iím slow.

When I take little bites, I do quite wellÖ
without too much distraction. Something lights
my understanding, and it starts to gel;
I do quite wellÖ when I take little bites.

Somehow, a word-filled page confuses me;
I tighten up or panic. Though I vow
to plug away, ere long my mind will flee.
A word-filled page confuses me somehow.

Thatís why the poems I write and read are short.
Iím grateful Iím not stupid, though Iím shy
of breadth... and depth... of facts I might import.
The poems I write and read are shortÖ. Thatís why.

© MLee Dickens'son
(Daniel J. Ricketts)

Posted by: Cleo_Serapis Dec 29 10, 18:09

Thank you for your entry into Odin's Opposition, Daniel! troy.gif

Perhaps you'll rise up, drink from the Well of Wisdom and be crowned the 'bringer of victory'? cali.gif

Best of luck in the battle! vic.gif

~Mosaic Musings Staff knight.gif

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