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> Like, O.M.G., You Know, Sorry didn't know where else to post
post Nov 23 09, 23:12
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Like, O.M.G., You Know *

OMG, like you know!
He was like bitchin' at me
and like-
you know...

Well, whatever, jeeze
like what am I supposed to do..?..

She's just my sister!!
OMG, it's not like, you know, she's important -

- whatever -

Come on - let her get her own life, you know!?!


You know, like I'm and adult woman...
I'm seventeen...
I got my license, you know?

I really, you know, talked my dad into buying me
this bitchin' Spider Miata - for my birthday, you know.
Now I'm supposed to, like take her to the mall, you know!?
OMG, like so embarrassing, you know!!

My world just ended...
you know.


* I wrote this right after watching a segment of 'So you think you can dance, and one of the judges said "you know over 25 times" I counted. I wanted everyone to have a good laugh. Or maybe not as it seems that the younger generation talks this way a lot. I overheard a couple of college students talking this way in a restaurant, I think they had just taken some sort of test and were discussing it during their lunch. I couldn't believe that collage students talked this way, I said tto my daughter 'you'd think they could have a normal conversation without once using any of those three statements...but it was like, OMG, you know, they couldn't.

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post Nov 24 09, 04:15
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If only they they realized how stupid it actually sounds, how moronic it makes them seem. I blame our education systems for not upholding values.

Still I guess our speech must sound antiquated to the kids!

How are doing at the moment Steve? I saw you had a wobbly again, hope you feeling better now.
Best wishes



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post Nov 24 09, 13:40
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Wally, I need to see primary care doc for my diabetes again, pills he gave me I had to stop as they were causing severe cramps, but this morning I woke up to hallucinations from the new sleeping aid the Psychiatrist gave me and then blood sugar went thru the roof so i have not had a good morning today. I now have to go back to taking Ambien and hopefully get something that will stop my roller coaster blood sugar. other than that I am not doing too bad..lol. I had a lady from hospice come in yesterday giving me information on what they do and don't do.

Take care my friend
glad to hear your surgery went well

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post Nov 24 09, 17:51
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Hi Steve,
Ain't it the truth?

This somewhat reminded me of a fella I worked with when I was back in the food processing plant. We were in the maintenance dept, and Ed couldn't get a 3 word sentence out without 6 "effen" in it, and that was every sentence, not just one. I dubbed him Effen Ed, much to our cohorts' amusement.

You hit the mark!



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post Nov 25 09, 04:18
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rofl.gif rofl.gif rofl.gif Oh Steve! This is a riot! And like OMG the best poem ever!

I'm sorry to hear you're ill, didn't know. I hope today is better.


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post Nov 25 09, 20:04
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Eric, LOL, when I walked into the radio shop at my first assignment the cryptographic shop was next door. My sponsor and I walked thru to say hi, there were three guys there, one at the desk playing solitare, two in the back, one who was saying just as fast as he could over and over M.F. the other guy had a paper and pencil, I asked the guy at the desk what was going on, he said (the guys name and rank) is saying MF,MF,MF.... I said Ok whats the other guy doin', he said writing down how many times he says it.... didn't blink twice just said Ok see ya later and walked out shaking my head....military people can be very strange...LOL.
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post Nov 25 09, 20:09
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Merle, thanks for reading, I have been ill a long time with various and sundry things, I have approx 3-4 yrs left maybe more maybe less, I have pulmonary fibrosis. I am living each day as it comes, trying hard to enjoy every moment. Some days are good, some days not so much, today was very good. I hope tomorrow is also, need a good turkey day. Thanks for your concern it is appreciated.

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post Dec 7 09, 14:34
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LOL.gif You really hit the nail on the head with this poem. Thanks for the much needed laugh.

There are so many teenagers and adults under 40 who talk that way. Their tongues are constantly flapping but they say virtually nothing. I used to insist that if my children wanted to converse with me then the word "like" was not to be used unless it was used correctly. They complained at the time that I was the grammar police. But today, they are the ones correcting their children's grammar. I consider it a compliment when they say to me, "Now I open my mouth and you come out." LOL

Sorry to hear about your health problems. Hope that your sugar is back under control now. I have a friend with pulmonary fibrosis and his blood sugar went out of control too. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

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post Dec 7 09, 20:38
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rofl.gif Steve!!!!!!

Isn't it amazing how we pick up on certain things? Read.gif talktohand.gif The vocab of today's youth is something we really must laugh at. LOL.gif! How many times can you say 'like' in a conversation - great question!

~Lori grinning.gif


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