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Posted by: Cleo_Serapis May 10 13, 10:33

I received an email recently from Rus Bowden expressing the desire and need to find a new managing editor. The IBPC may become defunct unless a new managing editor is found before June 30th.

Rus wrote:

To all IBPC reps and directors,

I gave notice to everyone over 8 months ago that I would no longer be the managing editor for IBPC as of June 30.

A couple months ago, against my better judgment, and outside my own plans for my life, it fell upon me to find a replacement. No one else was attempting to.

I am too sick to be suddenly trying to replace myself in this position. This is absurd. I am now put off that first, it is falling on me at all, and second, that no one else seems to want to take a turn at the position, nor try to help the directors find a new m.e., including the other directors.

I will not be the managing editor as of June 30. This is not sudden on my part, but done with months and months of notice to all concerned. As I have repeated mentioned, I have only been the interim manager until a replacement for Gina Bryson could be found any way.

Please help out.


Michael Neff, managing Editor of Web Del Sol/IBPC <> replied to one of our sister board members' comments with:
As the official "owner" of IBPC, it would be perfectly fine if the new managing editor monetized the IBPC website, if that makes a difference. Web del Sol would banner the site and steer more traffic. A few banners and some google CT would net a few hundred a month. Nothing to start a political campaign with, but several bottles of darn good wine possible.

The managing editor would keep 100% of any revenue from the site. My word, before all.

If you or anyone you know might be interested in tackling this position, please don't hesitate to contact Rus or myself.

Posted by: Psyche May 11 13, 01:36

Thank you, Lori, for informing us. What a shame that nobody has offered to take over. I enjoyed clicking in at Rus's link to read the winning IBPC poems. And now that MM is reviving and we'd chatted about sending poems again!

I see that Rus says 'I'm too sick to...etc.' I don't know whether Rus clicks into MM's IBPC thread, but if you do, Rus, I hope you're all right healthwise. Maybe you mean that you're sick of not getting any replies or help on this issue? Hope so, always better than health problems. You appear to have worked very hard on IBPC for many years, so congratulations and thanks are in order! cheer.gif

In any case, I wish Rus all the best and hope that IBPC can continue functioning.

Best wishes to all,
Sylvia dove.gif

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