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Posted by: JustDaniel Oct 12 20, 06:14

The Groom

Jose Angel Montoya noblé stands
beside his groomsmen, smiling nervously
as 2, then 12 is reached – slow-moving hands
arrive! His guests have come… his bride to see.

Beside his groomsmen, smiling nervously,
he coughs… again looks up to see still more
arrive. His guests have come his bride to see
as someone very special they adore.

He coughs again, looks up to see. Still more
his throat’s so dry. The sisters tend to him
as someone very special. They adore
this brother, bring refreshment o’er the brim.

His throat’s so dry! The sisters tend a hymn.
A full-voiced soloist begins to sing;
this brother brings refreshment o’er the brim.
Search through vest pocket. Is it there? The ring?

A full-voiced soloist begins to sing
as 2, then 12 is reached. Slow-moving hands
search through vest pocket. Is it? There – the ring!
Jose Angel Montoya noblé stands.

© Daniel J Ricketts 17 July 2003
in anticipation of daughter DoriAn’s wedding 19 July, 2 PM PDT

Posted by: Psyche Nov 11 20, 15:37

Dear Daniel, I'd never seen this pantoum, it's very old. It's perfect and hilarious. You're a great poet. Can't imagine why I missed it, so sorry, I apologize.
All the best and take care, Sylvia

Posted by: JustDaniel Nov 12 20, 06:13

I'm so pleased that you found it, Sylvia. By the way I just had published five of my poems in a collaborative collection, which I just received this past weekend! My first since the projects that Mary Clark had done at Poem Train!

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