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Mosaic Musings...interactive poetry reviews _ ARCHIVES -> Member Recognition -> Valley of the Kings _ Crown Jewel and Faery Award Nominations

Posted by: Cleo_Serapis Jan 26 05, 16:26

Hello! sun.gif

We are now accepting nominations for the following TWO MM awards:

Crown Jewels Award

*Graphic provided by

*Crown Jewel Awards can be nominated by any member of MM at any time. This award is granted to those tiles that best demonstrate perfection of form with a powerful punch ~ two great combinations!

Faery Award

*Graphic provided by

*Faery Awards can be nominated by any member of MM at any time. These are awarded to those tiles that best capture our muses.

If you find a tile particularly moving, why not nominate it for an MM award today? dance.gif

All we need to know is the following:

Thanks all!
~Cleo  cheer.gif

Posted by: Toumai Feb 21 05, 15:18

Having been thru the January posts for the Mod Awards and reminded myself of all the fabulous things therin I still find this very hard, but if I had to make a couple of nominations they might be as follows:

Crown Jewels Award (form)

A Good Day for a Hunt by JohnK (originally posted in Stonehenge, moved to Seren's, now in the archive)
Yes, I know it is prose. But it is a form - a 'drabble': exactly 100 words. And it is a perfect piece where the poetic forest atmosphere makes my skin tingle.

If I'm not allowed that, I shall choose Browntaxer's Last "Stand and Deliver" by Alan (Plato's Pearls) because it made me laugh so hard I spilt my coffee (might have been worse had I already finished it).

Faery Award (muse-capturing)

(Knowing my take on muses, especially if captured, should there really be an award so tempting? hsdance.gif )

I would suggest The Matrix, a snippet challenge by Nina (also in Seren's) as the words have inspired a poem that not only uses them seemlessly but also describes the film brilliantly and succinctly.


Posted by: Cybele Feb 22 05, 04:55

Good morning Lori, dance.gif

I should like to nominate

EXCULPATED by Alan in Seren's

for the Faery Award.

Every time I read it I am blown away by the way he compares his attraction to the woman with the instinctive attraction of the white moth to the flower. Just as Nature intended! sun.gif

Posted by: Feb 24 05, 03:09

Dear Grace,

"I should like to nominate
EXCULPATED by Alan in Seren's
for the Faery Award.

Every time I read it I am blown away by the way he compares his attraction to the woman with the instinctive attraction of the white moth to the flower. Just as Nature intended! "

My goodness, I knew you liked it, but THAT good ?

Actually, considering it was a 10-word challenge answer, I suppose I can be very proud of it !

Thank you very much.


PS - Did Cleo put it up yet? Haven't seen it.

Posted by: Cleo_Serapis Feb 24 05, 06:12

Hi Grace and Alan. grinning.gif

I will be posting TWO more items for awards hopefully this evening. laugh.gif

I also just received an email from Sylvia who writes:
"I seem to remember that members can name poets for awards, but for the life of me I can't recall how to go about it. I just wanted to say that I'd love this poem of Ephiny's (SOLSTICE, BY EPHINY) to be awarded a Faery Award? Is that possible? Or else something equally significant. I think it's absolutely beautiful, as most of Ephiny's work. Mostly, I love the mystical and/or legendary elements contrasted with today's everyday life. I think she has great talent, in this area especially. Her imagery is so delightful, also the questionning and the going back & forth in time."

Stay tuned! Bunny.gif irish.gif

Posted by: Toumai Jun 11 05, 10:58

Hi Lori,

Please may I nominate Jox's 'Moonlit Duet for One' for a Faery Award: a poem that sends shivers down the spine, even now in summer.


Posted by: Jox Jun 12 05, 10:28

Gosh that was quick.

I hadn't even thanked Fran for her kind nomination then whoosh! it's there.

So thank you Lori for the award and congratulations.

Thank you Fran so much for the nomination. "a poem that sends shivers down the spine." - your comment also means much to me, Fran. Thank you.

I do appreciate this Faery - this poem is most special to me.


Posted by: Psyche Jun 28 05, 21:13

Hi Cleo ! sun.gif

I would like to nominate Perrorist for a Crown Jewels Award for his piece Ugh? which is located at:

I think it's a masterly piece, with wonderful use of irony and/or humour. Good spoof on what goes on in the world of "creativity", with strong basis in truth.
Great parody.

Best to all,
Psyche detective.gif

Posted by: Psyche Jun 29 05, 08:52

Quick work, Lori ! You're a magician !! Wizard.gif

I've had my eye on that piece by Perry for some time, but shattered keyboards and other obstacles slow me down... :(

By the way, while i'm about it, i remember i posted a Faery nomination for Eisa's Roof Over the World (which you awarded her), but i posted it in the wrong Forum and my post was removed elsewhere. But where?! detective.gif

Is this the correct place to propose nominations, or should I be doing it somewhere else?

Thank you, Lori !!!

Sylvia butterfly.gif

Posted by: Siren Jul 3 05, 17:33

Congrats James on the Award... May u always be inspired to treat us to perfection....



Posted by: Psyche Jul 3 05, 17:57

Hi Lori !!  sun.gif

Yes, but.... my proposal to nominate Eisa's Roof Over Our World or Perpetual Glory for a Faery Award has totally disappeared from either thread. I know I posted it, but it's gone...  Speechless.gif

I know you already awarded her the Faery plaque, but all the same I'll put another link here, now, so that anybody who wishes can view it easily, as it's such a beautiful poem. Please forgive me if the link turns out to be duplicated, but for the life of me I can't find it any more  turtle.gif  turtle.gif

Hugs to all,
Sylvia  turtle.gif

Posted by: Psyche Jul 8 05, 12:42

Hi Cleo !! sun.gif

Please may I propose Fran's Night Terrors for a Faery Award?

I think Fran has brilliantly expressed the relationship between a mother & child, at bedtime, when Mummy is trying to soothe baby into a restful sleep, in spite of the horrors, yes, the horrors, that actually do go on in this world.

The poem evokes profound reflections and doubts on the mother's side, when, perhaps unwittingly, she transmutes the word "lie" (for lying down comfortably to sleep), into "lies", meaning the actual lies we tell children, hoping to lull them into a deep, healing sleep.

The lines of Fran's poem also fit in very well with the theme of nightmares, because she uses words or phrases that are very much related to dreams or, if one wishes, surreal experiences born from dreams. Or plain amusing names that mothers invent, when putting their child to bed ! pharoah2.gif

Hugs to all,
Sylvia turtle.gif
PS: I prefer her original, with minor changes, but never mind, it's all fantastic, in my humble opinion ! lovie.gif

Posted by: Toumai Jul 8 05, 13:47

Sylvia, Thanks very much  blush.gif

Posted by: Psyche Jul 8 05, 19:35

Hey, no blushing, Fran...  grinning.gif  I'm sincerely impressed by your poem, and I shall be looking at more of your work asap. I'm no expert crit, I just know what I like...  cloud9.gif
Sylvia  butterfly.gif

Posted by: Nina Jul 9 05, 00:59

Hi Lori,

I'd like to nominate James' Paper People, posted in Hermes, for a Crown Jewels Award

Though not the easiest poem to read for different reasons, it is unforgettable and of the many poems on MM it is the one that has stuck in my mind and moved me the most. It is a very powerful poem, that is quite disturbing to read because it evokes very strong, vivid images in my mind, almost like a nightmare.


Posted by: Toumai Jul 9 05, 01:24

I'll second that nonination, please, Lori. It is a stunning, disturbing and powerful poem.

Posted by: Jox Jul 9 05, 01:39


Gosh, that is a powerful reaction. I'm stunned.

Thank very much you Nina - but sorry to give you neo-nightmares though.

On the one hand, it is great to write something which evokes a strong reaction - on t'other I don't want to scare you or others.

Thank you for the nomination, also.

Fran, Thanks for your comments too - and for seconding the nomination.


Posted by: Nina Jul 9 05, 01:47

Hi James

I didn't mean it gave me nightmare.  It is more the way the  different almost disjointed images one after another, flash through my mind and the feel is similar to that of a nightmare and very powerful, disturbing, not frightening.


Posted by: Psyche Aug 7 05, 22:08

Hi Cleo ! sun.gif

I would like to nominate Don's poem Downsize Show for a Crown Jewel's Award.

I just had another read and think it's a brilliant piece. I agree with you that Don should send it to the major newspapers or maybe to the President himself.
It certainly carries a punch, which is what the Crown Jewel's Award is about, and tho' Don says it's F.V., nevertheless I detect form in the background... well, ya know me, lately i'm seeing form all over the place....  oops.gif  upside.gif  (i'm into Intelligent Design and all that ....ha...ha...) :p   Shock

By the way, Don, if you read this, all I can say at the witching hour is that I think you should leave "Thespians". You'll have to work out the other bits with James, since you asked him to go ahead & do his critting !  oops.gif

Best to all,
Sylvia  turtle.gif

Posted by: Psyche Aug 16 05, 22:31

Hi Cleo !   sun.gif

May I propose a Faery Award for Billydo's (Mike) poem "Argh" located at:

I think it's brilliantly set out, super original, unconventional and cool....  cool.gif  pharoah2.gif

A knockout ! Fantastic wording, as well.

As I was saying elsewhere,  oops.gif  upside.gif  cool.gif  I hereby propose a new plaque for transgressive, lawless, futuristic stuff with original layouts and any other qualifications that make it VERY different from the usual poetry, including irregular punctuation (or none at all) and loopy spacing, etceteraaa..... medusa.gif

Well, that said, I shall go have that beer before retiring to me bedchamber...
Hugs to all,
Sylvia  dragon.gif  :block:  gimli.gif

Posted by: Nina Sep 5 05, 06:57

Hi Lori

I'd like to nominate the Flash-Jam response Zephyrina by James (Jox) for a Faery Award

It is a superb piece with great depth for a short piece, very philosophical and wonderfully sensual and simply a brilliant flash.


Posted by: Toumai Sep 5 05, 07:00

What an excellent idea, Nina!
It is a fantastic piece of flash writing.
Well done, James


Posted by: Jox Sep 5 05, 09:00

Hi Nina, Fran,

Thank you very much indeed for this nomination - a lovely surprise. I'd had some very kind feedback on this flash but I didn't realise it was appreciated quite so much.

Thank you Nina for your nomination - and Fran for your seconding. I'm very touched.


Posted by: Cleo_Serapis Sep 25 05, 07:32

I'd like to nominate Toumai's Asylum in Seren's Synapse for the poem's poignant message.

Congrats Fran! magicwand.gif fairy.gif dragonfly.gif

Posted by: Jox Sep 25 05, 07:35

Hi Lori,

Yes I'll second Fran's poem.

It has both political topicality and humanity as its core themes and is written really well, too.


Posted by: Toumai Sep 25 05, 08:00

Thanks, Lori, James blush.gif cloud9.gif

Please may I nominate a tile, too? I would like to nominate James's poignant poem on the thoughts of a young suicide bomber, And the Girl with Chestnut Hair (Seren's)
I think this is very though provoking and manages to capture both the humanity and inhumanity of the narator's situation - not any easy balance to achieve without cliche.



Posted by: Nina Sep 25 05, 08:09

Hi Lori

I'll second James' poem.  It is very thought provoking and with the recent suicide bombings in London still very much in the news, scarily topical


Posted by: Jox Oct 5 05, 19:58

Hi all,

I'd like to nominate Lori's "Dark Ages, 2005" for a Farey Award.

As I said at the time:

"Wow, Lori, this is powerful and I think for you - unusually topical.

You've used several techniques plus references to history to make your point very well."

The poem makes interesting comparissons between history and today's "caring society". Well done, Lori.


Posted by: Jox Oct 8 05, 14:11

Thanks Lori - but you certainly deserved it. :)

Thank you very much Fran and Nina for my nomination - greatly appreciated; though I wish the material for my poem didn't exist.

Thank you - and thanks to Lori for the work sorting the awards out.


Posted by: Jox Feb 8 06, 16:43


Faery Award Nomination.

I wish to nominate Nina's new poem "Taken By The Sea." (Freeform)

It is a multi-interpretable poem which shows the power of something greater than human conscience. Actually, it shows many things, depending on one's interpretation(s).

Nina writes many excellent poems but I still think this is one of her best. It is also a superb lesson in crafting a minimalist freeform poem - with its economy and precision of language.

I hope others agree that it is a fantastic poem.


Posted by: Nina Feb 8 06, 18:27

Hi J

thank you so much for your nomination, very much appreciated.


Posted by: Cleo_Serapis Feb 25 06, 12:37

I hereby nominate Grace's poem "Excalibur" as found here:

for the Crown Jewels award.

I find this jewel best demonstrates form in writing. It has rhythm, rhyme, meter and is a genuinely wonderful story to read and re-read!  vic.gif

Congrats Grace! claps.gif
~Cleo  pharoah2.gif

Posted by: Psyche Jul 16 06, 10:32

Hi Lori !! lovie.gif

I'd like to nominate Grace's MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM for a Faery Award, may I?

She's still doing a little work on it, but it's so beautiful that I can't wait any longer to suggest this nomination... cloud9.gif

Sylvia butterfly.gif

PS: BTW, I found it a trifle difficult to find this nomination forum. In the Index at the bottom it just says something about Kings & Queens, but the words "member's nominations" (or something to that effect), doesn't figure. I suggest a change here, Lori, to make it clearer to members that THIS FORUM is where one posts suggestions for awards. What do you think?
I'm posting the suggestion here, since this is where my difficulty cropped up, and I've been a member for quite a long time !!! blush.gif

Posted by: Cleo_Serapis Aug 2 06, 16:12

I would like to nominate "Midnight Odyssey" by Cathy in Herme's Homilies for the sheer delight in the words, message and rhythms.

It's magical! Wizard.gif

Posted by: Cathy Aug 2 06, 18:01

This was most unexpected ...

Thank you so much Lori! blush.gif


Posted by: AMETHYST Aug 3 06, 11:48

I second, or perhaps 3 or even 4th it... It is worthy of great recognition...

Hugs, Liz ...

Posted by: Psyche Aug 19 06, 18:41

Hi Lori ! sun.gif

May I suggest Merlin's DESERT CROSSING for a Faery Award?
I think it's a brilliant poetical description of crossing a searingly hot desert, without using the words that were banned in the challenge. Plus a few other words that Merlin also chose to avoid... impressive !!!

And such original imagery and thoughts, all in villanelle form, or, as Merlin puts it, Vill & Nell !!!

Sylvia cheer.gif

Posted by: Kathy Apr 30 07, 06:14

FAERIE AWARD: Liz' poem, 'Senescence'. It's a wonderful Triolet, demonstrating shifts in meaning, as it should do. It's inspiring to see the way she worked on it, and the subject matter is poignant. She shows the old person's feelings rather than telling them.

Yep. A big fat beautiful Faerie award is merited; she made me want to write a Triolet.

Here 'tis:

Posted by: Kathy Apr 30 07, 06:19

FAERIE AWARD. Jax, for 'The Taste of Peach is Heavy on our Tongues.' Brilliant freeform. Poetic language. Originality. And he gutted me with the content.

My freeform muse is raring to go.

Do you have any male faeries? Oh well. He's not partial to them anyway, but a beautiful Sprite is a kind of faerie, and he'd like that I think.

Please, a magic supernatural being to grace Jax' tiles.

Posted by: Kathy Apr 30 07, 08:50

FAERIE AWARD. I nominate Nada Lott for 'A Sharecropper's Prayer.' It is written in anapestic metre, which is not easy. I'm inspired by the way she did it so naturally, incorporating local lingo as she went. The poem is worthy in itself; the easy pace, unobtrusive rhymes, the poignant story so well shown and neatly concluded, combine to create a very pleasing piece of work. She also manages to include assonance in all that, and retains the principle character's voice throughout.

This is a very good poem, but I want the Faerie for her because she captured the anapestic spirit and delighted my muse.

Posted by: JaxMyth May 7 07, 08:58

Many thanks Kathy,



Posted by: Michelle Jul 16 07, 11:28

I would like to nominate Mary Sullivan Boren's for the Faerie award. The poem is in Herme's Homilies.

This poem presents the exuberance of youth guided by the loving hand of a father. It demonstrates a step taken toward goodness and is a superb metaphor showing how God as the Father guides his children in their daily lives.

I find this poem a brilliant composition.


Posted by: Nada Lott Aug 10 07, 08:05

Please accept my nomination of "Captive Bred," by Eisa, for the Crown Jewels Award. It is posted in Hermes:

I'm taken with this poem not only because the thought-provoking message hits home, but also because of the effective alliance of form and content. Eira clearly knew what she was doing in choosing the Logarhyme. The short lines interspersed between couplets echo the feeling of holding one's breath while looking at the animals on display. This captures the emotion a zoo evokes from me, as I am drawn to the cages but at the same time repelled by the idea of them.

Good job, Snow!


Posted by: Eisa Aug 14 07, 03:30

Thank you so much Mary -- I feel very honoured that you have chosen this one.

Snow Snowflake.gif

Posted by: Psyche Nov 3 07, 18:17

I would like to nominate Cailean's poem 'Invader' for a Faery Award. I think he has achieved great atmosphere and imagery; it is enigmatic, as well, so food for thought.


Posted by: Xanadu Mar 7 08, 16:04

I would like to nominate Larry's for the Fairy Award.

It reminded me of why I fell in love with poetry, with the beautiful music words can play.

Posted by: Psyche Apr 1 08, 20:33

Hi Lori!

I would like to nominate Ron's sonnet: for a Crown Jewel Award.

It has impressed me intensely, due to the perfect form and profound meaning, with a touch of humor thrown in, tho' quite subtle & perhaps ironical. He'll probably refute my interpretation of his piece, but I understand that A Changing World refers to one that goes around in circles...LOL...
Excellent vocabulary and metaphors.

Hope you'll agree....

Cheers, Syl ***

Posted by: Psyche Sep 21 08, 20:15

Hi Lori!

May I nominate Snow's poem The Nestling for a Faery Award?

The way she has related a fallen nestling with a true event of 40 years ago is striking and highly original, as well as eye-opening. The poem brings tears to one's eyes, since one can visualize the sequence of events as if one were viewing a part of a's so real! Past and present, revisited, with excellent vocabulary and imagery.


Posted by: Psyche Oct 24 08, 10:07

I would like to nominate Thoth's poem Shrine of the Red Hornet Queen for a King Award. I think it's an exceptionally gripping epic poem, wonderfully rhymed, giving one the real "feel" of those lands and legends. I believe he's going to make a few tweaks still, but meanwhile he deserves the plaque, IMHO.

Cheers to all,

Posted by: ohsteve Jan 13 09, 14:41


I would like to nominate Snows's poem for a Faery award, right fromt the first word it grabbed me and at the ending I was overwhelmed and crying. This piece is very heartfelt and poignant and a cherished memory revealed all at the same time. It is in Seren's Synapse.



Posted by: Psyche Jan 23 09, 19:50

I would like to nom Thoth's (Wally) poem 'Whispered Scars' for a Faery Award. I would also award him a Crown Jewel, but he has one already, and this poem seems to deserve the F.A. for its poignant, emotional content, as well as deftly managed form & vocabulary.


Posted by: ohsteve Apr 11 09, 16:10

I would like to nominate Sekhmets poem in Hermes for the Faery Award. I love the form, the rhythm, the treatment of the subject matter, I was so sorry for the poor little mouse... I thought this very deserving of an award.

Posted by: Cleo_Serapis Apr 12 09, 09:13

Great nom, Steve!

And now it is official.

~Cleo cheer.gif

Posted by: ohsteve May 31 09, 21:35

I would like to nominate Leo's (Sekhmet) poem, for the Crown Jewels Award, I thought it was a beautiful sonnet, and the poem just capture the essence of sunflowers to me, and it more than did justice to both pictures provided by Leo.

I stand in awe of this poem.


Posted by: Psyche Jun 24 09, 12:13

Please, Lori, don't miss the award I suggested for Thoth (Wally) !

Hugs, Syl***

Posted by: Cleo_Serapis Jun 25 09, 05:48

Oh - good catch Syl!

Thx for the reminder - I'll update this weekend!

Cheers all,
~Cleo cheer.gif

Posted by: Sekhmet Jul 3 09, 01:29

Good morning everyone. Could I please nominate Marc's poem, for the Faery award. His use of such delicately erotic language was an absolute delight. If there is also an award for attempting to weld a miscellaneous collection of stroppy poets into writers of correctly structured sonnets - he should have that too.
Love to all, Leo

Posted by: ohsteve Jul 3 09, 17:28

Leo, I would second that nom for Faery Award... I don't think there is one for the other though...but it gave me a chuckle. Congrats on your first nomination...very welcome.


Posted by: Cleo_Serapis Jul 4 09, 08:34

Thanks Leo and Steve,

It's wonderful to see award nominations! cheer.gif I'll update Mark's profile and thread now.

Great job!!
~Cleo sun.gif

Posted by: ohsteve Jul 12 09, 09:36

Lori, I would like to nominate Sylvia's Bewitched II for Crown Jewels award but not sure it fits as a formed poem...I know it sure impacted me very much...and I know I nominated it for the IBPC but I really think this deserves is so descriptive and evokes so much, truly a wondrous poem.

Posted by: Psyche Jul 12 09, 21:07

Hey Steve, what a lovely surprise! Thanks so much. butterfly.gif

IMHO, it's FV because it has no fixed form, neither for the rhyming nor metre. I just worked in some inner & end rhymes as they came to my mind, but there's no pattern. I wanted to make it sound musical, but without restrictions of form.

Let's see what Lori says! Meanwhile, hugs and good luck with your home improvements! Take care, Steve! Juggle.gif

Syl*** lovie.gif

Posted by: Arnfinn Jul 13 09, 02:30

G'day Lori.

I would like to Nominate Larry for the Crown Jewels Award.

Larry has shown great versatility (like the pun) by not only writing a poem
using heptameter, but a Shakespearean style sonnet.

Outstanding poem.


Posted by: ohsteve Nov 14 09, 19:26

Hi Lori, I would like to nominate Beverly's (PeterPan) poem Unstoppable for the faery award this just caught me right off and sent shivers down my spine. I think it is absolutely wonderful and breathtaking.
Here is the link...


Posted by: ohsteve Sep 27 11, 13:13

Lori, I would like to nominate Daniel's 100 word drabble #62 for a faery award as it was an awesome read that to me just flowed like a free verse poem but was written as prose. I was captivated and very moved by this well written and thought provoking piece.

Steve this is the place.


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