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Mosaic Musings...interactive poetry reviews _ Fixed Form and Rhyming Poetry for Critique -> Herme's Homilies _ Trees

Posted by: Larry Dec 29 18, 10:07


The Winter’s woods are barren now
with gaudy slippers on their feet
yet beauty lies on branch and bough.
It seems they’re trying to compete

with lichen coat and mossy beard.
Each tree awaits the chilling wind
or ice and snow if it appeared
to add an ermine shroud. They’ll bend

but seldom break; their supple strength
has grown, increasing through each year.
As solstice’s days now wane in length,
so soon green buds will reappear

to grace their heads. Once dun and brown,
they’re blessed with jade or emerald crown.

Posted by: JustDaniel Jan 13 19, 13:13

Before those flowers and lustrous green
I fear that white is in between;
outside my house there's fallen snow
where no steps yet have dared to go.

deLighting in your sonnet, Larry!!

Posted by: Larry Jan 14 19, 15:51

Hi Daniel,

No snow around these parts but it is too cold to venture outside for an extended period of time without proper layering so I just look out my windows at the bird feeders and enjoy the view in the warmth of my home.

Thanks for stopping by for a read and comment.


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