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RC James @ 10-18-17 16:51
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RC James @ 10-15-17 22:07
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Speechless (Oaxaca #1)
Posted by RC James - 10-18-17 16:51 - 0 comments

Love’s a word
beyond words.

Language, duncelike,
can’t explain it.
You want it
past all meaning,
like a rosebud
opening in surprise
inside a breeze
in your chest,
so breathtaking
you're afraid
it's not yours
to keep.

Sometimes it’s a deluge
you don’t understand,
that submerges you
under skies that clear
to the warmth of focus
on the other.

Your impassable mountains
fall to a new horizon.

Touch alone
brings a harvest
that shines,
grains of sand
prisms in its light.

Take this love,
you’ll find more.
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Posted by RC James - 10-15-17 22:07 - 0 comments

I got to take a break –
Iook for an opening
tu-u-u-ne in
distance is a lot more than distance
more than a long way to go
feeling some resistance
got to make a connection

frequency modulation
is wrong
you got to make contact
it’s you or it’s all dust
not just any connection
contact – contact - contact

This is also a prayer – a chant
a rant – whatever you want it to be
what is your bandwidth
where are you now
make a connection –
tu –u – u – u – u – n - in

Resonance is out of kilter
what’s your wavelength
too much resistance
are we on the same bit stream
connection – make a connection
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I Can Hear You Singing
Posted by RC James - 09-26-17 18:57 - 2 comments

Wolves are up on the ridge in the snow
It’s cold in this crazy white hair blizzard
Don’t look like there’s anywhere to go

Last time I saw you I let down my guard
You saw inside me a picture of the storm
Lost now, that’s just the way things are

I hear your voice, only thing that’s warm
My dreams need a Lamborghini engine
If they’re ever gonna start to perform

On the other side of the current troubles
On the far side, the crazy side of abandon
Like a rag-picker I’ve sifted through the rubble

Inside this no horizon, blinding white out
Let me tell you clear, I can hear you singing
Nobody on their way, nobody hears my shout

I’m New York City tough, alway been hard-nosed
And right now I’m huddled here in the tall pines,
your memory, ’specially when you danced, glows

Inside this death-rattle blizzard, all I can clearly see
Is you standin’ on the stage at Dominick’s Bar
Singin’ like you did, you were gonna set us all free

Now, right now here in this deadly silent whiteout
I can hear you singing - I can hear you singing
Birmingham bells on the North side come ringing
I can hear you singing – I can hear you singing
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Ode to Princess Diana
Posted by Larry - 09-15-17 08:11 - 6 comments
This was written over 20 years ago, a week or so after the paparazzi caused the wreck which took Diana’s life in Paris. I figured, seeing as how all the television specials aired a tribute to her, I would like to add my two cents. This might be considered a ballad or a “Stretched Sonnet” in iambic tetrameter; whichever you like.

Ode to Princess Diana

Grief flows from souls! A molten stream
falls down upon a world-wide wreath
as anguished wails rise like a dream
to God from mourners’ hearts beneath.

Her shortened life, romance and fame
was ended as from fears she fled;
though mother of two kings, the same.
Earth’s fragrant flower now lies dead.

Great deeds achieved with more to give
the sick and poor; brought hope's bright rays.
Plucked from life's path where she could live;
the long night fell upon her days.

Bright streams of flowers, laid with care,
were tributes from their grief and love.
The whole world paused in silent prayer
as Heaven praised a rose above.
Read 120 times - last comment by Larry   

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