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Mosaic Musings...interactive poetry reviews _ ARCHIVES -> Chapbook Competitions _ Depression's Sonnet

Posted by: Larry Jul 20 08, 22:43

Depression's Sonnet

Why move when there’s no place to go
for it’s all filled. Black waters flow,
and I, perched on a pinnacle
of loneliness; an empty soul

without another one’s bright light
to guide me through this starless night.
No one to understand that this
is but a bottomless abyss

that swallows heart and numbs the mind
beneath its cold mailed fist… unkind.
Lost little thing, that no one sees;
for there is none who can appease

or plea for mercy to abate
this hellish pain. It’s much too late!

Posted by: Cleo_Serapis Jul 21 08, 05:50

Thank you for your entry into Odin's Opposition! troy.gif

Perhaps you'll rise up, drink from the Well of Wisdom and be crowned the 'bringer of victory'? cali.gif

Best of luck in the battle! vic.gif

~Mosaic Musings Staff knight.gif

Posted by: Cleo_Serapis Nov 1 08, 15:41

Congratulations Larry on your Bronze placement! dance.gif

You have risen up, drank from the Well of Wisdom and have been crowned the ‘bringer of victory’! rose.gif champagne.gif

Well done!

Posted by: Psyche Nov 2 08, 11:05

Congrats, Larry, this is a beautiful sonnnet! Hope to see you back soon in the forums, with more of your highly appreciated works.

PartyFavor.gif Balloons.gif bowdown.gif ballet.gif Guitar.gif cheer.gif claps.gif
Cheers, Syl***

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