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Mosaic Musings...interactive poetry reviews _ Poetry Exhibition -> Plato's Pearls of Wisdom _ Lock Down!

Posted by: Rhymer Nov 7 20, 15:35

Lock Down.

The air? Full of tension
and fearful apprehension,
spawning much consternation
that firmly grips the Nation,
due to the Lock Down decree!

Neighbours avoid contacts close:
standing apart - with few verbose.
Though many care to stop and talk:
a brief Hullo - resume their walk,
due to the Lock Down decree!

The stores? No bustling crowd:
for sparse numbers are allowed.
Life in general, becomes abated.
Needed essentials? Fully debated.
Due to the Lock Down decree.

Busy streets - once traffic filled:
are rare indeed. Their hubbub stilled.
Oft heard and part of daily life,
are angry spats, twixt man and wife.
Due to the Lock Down decree.

Few children seen: no school today.
To learn at home, the new found way.
Essential workers - walking brisk,
speed to their task. A daily risk!
Due to the Lock Down decree.

Life as known, has been emended:
habits too, have been transcended
Stress of every known description,
rules. Patience our prescription.
Due to the Lock Down decree.

Across the world, Nations decide
normalcy must be set aside.
Citizens must abide to rules,
placed to curb, uncaring fools!
So rules, the Lock Down decree.

Rhymer. November 7th, 2020.

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