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Mosaic Musings...interactive poetry reviews _ IBPC Monthly Nominations and Results _ Tom by John Macleod : declined nom

Posted by: Cleo_Serapis Jul 6 13, 17:09

-From another thread by Sylvia:

Hi Lori! lovie.gif

I did nominate John McLeod's poem, a long time ago.

Hugs to all!
Psyche cheer.gif


Tom, trapped in a world of smug acceptance.
The illiterate soul waiting
for Saturday and yester-years cartoons.
Tom, neurons strained by dim voltage,
pressured and screwed down to acceptance of no acceptance.

Existence is a blank page.
Institutional remedies reflect featured smiles,
and pats of good boy sentiments.
Good for whom?
Not for Tom.

Tom is an alcoholic—wants out for a drink.
He sits in the foyer… helping out where he can.
He craves a schooner.
He can see in his “minds-eye” the grey misty glass and the frothy head.

“No, Tom you cannot go out—no bus trips for you”.
“You sit in your chair and do something.”
He gives a smirk; can’t wait for Saturday.

John Macleod © 2012

Posted by: Arnfinn Jul 21 13, 04:36

G'day All


I have decided not to nominate.

I don't think this poem should be a public offering.

Tom was someone I shared with friends not with others.

Sorry about that.

This is the way I feel.

Regards, to everyone. Wizard.gif Pirate.gif Cowboy.gif laugh.gif dunce.gif queen.gif cheer.gif smart.gif gimli.gif irish.gif clown.gif taco.gif cool.gif gnome.gif bart.gif wave.gif

John troy.gif

Posted by: Cleo_Serapis Jul 21 13, 09:42

G'day John! troy.gif

No worries - we'll not forward this poem along as your wish.

What a fun read nonetheless!

~Cleo wave.gif

Posted by: Psyche Jul 27 13, 01:13

I understand, Arnie. I nominated Tom because it touched me a lot. You painted such a good picture of him. I could see him in my mind's eye.

Perhaps you'd feel you were using him for a competition. Not right, I agree there. pinkpanther.gif

What a kind person you are! Maybe you might feel like writing poems about the places and people you visit, but in a more anonymous fashion. Sometimes I mix characters up to form a new one. Not purposely, my rambled memories just glue together on their own, or maybe my Muse intervenes. She's not being helpful lately...hmmm....I think it's because I feel depressed due to it's being my own husband whom I accompany such a lot. The weight of it all seems to have knocked me out. Too much... shocked.gif

Love to all,
Syl*** turtle.gif

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