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December 2017


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RC James @ 12-5-17 15:49
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Rhymer @ 11-29-17 12:43
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Rhymer @ 11-27-17 13:31
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Times Ten for 22 November 2017
Posted by Cleo_Serapis - 11-22-17 06:26 - 0 comments
Dear Friends,

This week's words come from Lori. highfive.gif

You may respond in poetry or prose.
You may post more than one response.
There is no set time limit for your response(s)

In no particular order, here are this week's words: (I've stacked them so you can copy / paste, then cross-off as you use, if you wish).

write (or wrote)
Please use the date of the challenge and your member name in your topic descriptions and post your reply as a NEW TOPIC.

The rules:
You must utilize ALL TEN WORDS in your response, either a prose or poetic one. Please note your words at the END of your tile.

The variants:
You can also make a 'variant' of any words in the list such as: paint can be used as paints, painting, painted etc. to assist you in capturing the muse.

As with all our challenges, feel free to post these for critique too if you desire over in Herme's, Seren's or Stonehenge.

Now, if you'd like to set next week's words please drop me a PM - we need more Setters! Thanks in anticipation.

Mosaic Musings Staff
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Johnny Sweed's Blues
Posted by RC James - 12-5-17 15:49 - 0 comments

I looked out this morning, blues ‘s far as I could see
mmmm-hmmmmm-mm, blues ‘s far as I could see
checked my mail, blues was all addressed to me

I went an’ picked up my guitar blues fell out like rain
Yahh – ohh – mmmhmmm – mm fell out like rain
An empty pillow your side ‘a the bed all that remain

I’m gonna ride on down on the coast at Gulfport
Ride on down, down on the coast at Gulfport
Swim on out ‘til these blues sink to tha ocean floor

Ain’t goin’ nowhere, just spinnin’ my back wheels
mmm-hah-mmm-mm-mm spinnin’ my back wheels
you evah had tha heartache you know how it feels

change your mind baby, better keep it to yourself
oh yah, baby, mmmmm-hmm- keep it to yourself
used to these blues now, I don’t want nothin’ else

keep it to yourself
I’m used to these blues
I don’ want nothin’ else
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A Feline Fooling!
Posted by Rhymer - 11-29-17 12:43 - 0 comments
Must get kitted out,
to get co-operation,
for fat cat, catscan!

I must ‘paws’ for thought,
before a catastrophe
furthers a lost cause.

To categorise
a fine catscan catalogue,
is the cat’s miaow!

Rhymer, November 29th, 2017.
(My first attempt at this)
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Just a Twosome.!
Posted by Rhymer - 11-27-17 13:31 - 6 comments
A Nonet. “You?”

I’m sure I saw one that I thought you?
Though but briefly seen, passing through,
walking past, was surely you?
But instantly I knew
when they queried who
bid them adieu?
If not you
was true?

A Reverse Nonet. Me!

just me.
You will see
no one can be,
exactly like me.
As most folks clearly see.
Being singularly Me!
So when you see, one thought to be
Me? Be advised, it is not Me!

Rhymer. November 26th, 2017.

Trying something new on a cold, windy day. Much harder than it looks - so I find! Ciao Denis.
Read 85 times - last comment by Larry   

X 10 for Nov 22 - Daniel
Posted by JustDaniel - 11-26-17 07:49 - 1 comments
In a festive wool cap? Can I write
that my wisp of a brother is right?
Santa's sparkling eyes,
sapphires crossing the skies?
Thank you, no! Just a dream in the night

10 words in order of appearance: festive, wool, write, wisp, brother, right, sparkl(ing), sapphire, thank, dream
Read 38 times - last comment by Larry   

The Future Foretold?
Posted by Rhymer - 11-25-17 13:49 - 1 comments
MMs Challenge November 22nd.

When a myriad of sapphires sparkled bright:
in syncopated twinkling, one Festive night,
traversed - for long their universal right -
the Milky Way, I was overcome with delight.
Wrapped warmly - the night was cool -
in a shawl, naught but a wisp of wool,
I was beguiled and began to dream.
In my reverie, I hatched a scheme
whereby, I’d ride a comet into space
on a journey to a far distant place,
to see galaxies, in nebula profusion,
fly by in kaleidoscopic confusion.
Seemingly my dream became reality,
as planets and stars, flashed by me!
Though I knew not one from the other,
suddenly one, surely earth’s twin brother?
A mirror image, flying by in blurred haste,
was seen as naught but a desolate waste!
Even now, as I recall my dream and write,
I shudder! Such a forsaken, barren sight,
and the bleakest land, I have ever seen!
Was it a sign, that earth, verdant green,
will be as this, unless we change our ways
to stay the spoiling, that’s rife these days?
Will our unique oasis, drifting in solitary state
suffer the same perceived, lifeless fate
that befell every planet known to man?
Today, I thank my lucky stars that I can
enjoy the many gifts earth offers me.
As for my dream? May it never become reality!

Rhymer. November 25th, 2017.
Words used: Sparkle(d), Sapphire(s), Festive, Wisp, Wool, Right,
Dream, Brother, Write, Thank.
Read 28 times - last comment by JustDaniel   

X10 for Nov. 22 - Larry
Posted by Larry - 11-24-17 09:27 - 1 comments
Is it right to give thanks for a dream;
write a wisp of a song? I would deem
festive brother who tries
pulling wool over eyes
while his sparkle with that sapphire gleam.

words used: right, thank, dream, write, wisp, festive, brother, wool, sparkle, sapphire
Read 31 times - last comment by JustDaniel   

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