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Mosaic Musings...interactive poetry reviews _ IBPC Monthly Nominations and Results _ MM's Selections for November Comp

Posted by: Eisa Oct 17 13, 15:03

I would like to nominate Sergio's poem 'Then the Stillness' which can be found in Seren's

It is a series of beautifully crafted tankas filled with exquisite imagery.

Then the Stillness by Sergio Ortiz

our bodies,
seagulls surrendering
to the wind
time brings us into bloom,
is it for miracles we live?

why do you hesitate
what do you see in my face
if not the pulse
of the earth, a bed
of golden saffron

a swarm of bees
awakens the stars
in this long night
takes me by the throat

my mouth
closes behind a sigh. . .
I walk
through Shangri-la
in spring showers

surprise me,
shining in the night
to soften
their mournful cry

soft I go
to gather sun and wind,
my speech
the speed of darkness—
I am the tree that trembles

you on the bed
I mine each moment
for the ore that holds
an antidote for endings

so fearfully pale,
a white rose bends to the breath
of the gale
and stands aimless
in the ruins of her honor.

Posted by: Psyche Oct 20 13, 00:19

I second Eisa's choice, everybody!

I really love Sergio's poem.


Posted by: Cleo_Serapis Oct 20 13, 10:12

Oh just FAB! Let me send Sergio a message that his poem is nominated! cheer.gif

Stay tuned!
~Cleo hsdance.gif

Posted by: saore Oct 20 13, 10:25

Thank you Eisa, Sylvia, Cleo. I am thrilled.


Posted by: Cleo_Serapis Oct 27 13, 09:42

Hi Sergio,

Do you accept the nomination for this coming competition? please let me know by Wednesday.

~Cleo galadriel.gif

Posted by: Cleo_Serapis Oct 27 13, 09:49


I would like to nominate Sylvia's poem, for the November IBPC competition.

I was moved by its alliterative simplicity and soft rhythm. This poem is a personal and emotional tribute to a loving husband, and I was moved reading it.

~Cleo galadriel.gif

Prince in Disguise by Sylvia Maclagan

I love you

in your ludicrous underwear,

diapers and socks notwithstanding;

half-moon specs

awry on tip of your nose,

add just the right touch

to that bib with blue bears in rows.

I love

your mortal guise

-or the Prince in a Beast’s disguise-

and wince with compassion

for my elderly nurseling.


each Rose that turned to gall

blossomed from a paradox of parts.

Crimson petals

soft as Indian silk


and dart away . . .

Beauty also unrobed the Beast.
The charm was broken and a handsome Prince
stood before her.

Except, you’re a clumsy prince

who subsists


in my desolate heart.

© Sylvia Evelyn, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2013

Posted by: Eisa Oct 28 13, 17:50

I second this nomination for a tremendously moving and expertly written poem. Good Luck Syl.

Snow Snowflake.gif

Posted by: Psyche Oct 30 13, 02:35

So pleased with this nomination, thank you very much, Lori! cloud9.gif

And also thank you to Eisa for seconding it.

Accepted! dove.gif

Hugs, Syl***

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