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Mosaic Musings...interactive poetry reviews _ ARCHIVES -> Member Recognition -> Valley of the Kings _ September Member Choice Nominations

Posted by: Cleo_Serapis Sep 21 07, 07:13

vic.gif Calling all writers of the Mosaic! Viking.gif

It's time to make your nomination for Member Choice for September. cheer.gif Read.gif writersblock.gif

What do I do as a member?
Post ONE thread that you'd like to nominate to be voted on. Duplicate nominations accepted. We can only poll a max of 15 tiles, please nominate quickly.

sings.gif hsdance.gif MusicBand.gif dance.gif claps.gif

Nominate a tile here in this thread.

The details:

Nominations will be taken through Oct 5th.

Good luck all! king.gif cheer.gif
Thank you for helping to build the Mosaic! lovie.gif dance.gif

~ Mosaic Musings Staff knight.gif cali.gif Pharoah.gif Viking.gif tut.gif troy.gif vic.gif knight.gif

Posted by: Cleo_Serapis Sep 21 07, 07:14

IBPC Nominations automatically eligible for Member Choice: writersblock.gif by Kathleen Vibbert by Judith Anne Labriola by Lorraine M. Kanter by Elizabeth DiBenedetto by Mariana Snyman by Susan Eckenrode by Liz Baker by Eira Needham

Posted by: Psyche Sep 29 07, 17:42

Hi Lori!

I would like to nominate 4rum Sam's English Sonnet "The Wizard Spel'ch'kur" as Member Choice for September.

It's highly amusing and deftly written, as can be seen at:


PS: Am I the only one voting? Or am I in the wrong forum, which wouldn't surprise me in the least... charliebrown.gif

Posted by: Psyche Sep 29 07, 17:58

Hi Lori! detective.gif

I would also like to nominate your Swap Quatrain "Crypt-Keepers' Irony" for September Member Choice. It's full of fantastic ancient imagery, information, action and meaning.

It can be found at:

Sylvia pharoah2.gif

Posted by: Cleo_Serapis Sep 30 07, 09:07

Hi Sylvia - nope this is the correct forum to make nominations - the poll won't happen until Oct 6th or somewhere around there. I just added 6 more days to this nomination thread and will do the same in the COM tile too.

Thanks so much for your nomination of my poem too! SWEET! hsdance.gif

~Cleo cheer.gif

Posted by: Cleo_Serapis Oct 26 07, 17:11

Nominations now closed - poll to be posted next up

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